Lifestyle editors, Niki Kesharaju and Isabel Dobinson lets you in on the top places to eat, drink and shop in the Steel City

Eating Out

Sheffield is packed full of independent cafes, pubs and restaurants catering for students looking for a cheap meal out.

Head down Division Street to Bungalows and Bears. Famed for its unconventional burger menu, ranging from Fried Egg and Peanut Butter to Chorizo and Grilled Halloumi. All for less than £5 in their 2-4-1 deal every Tuesday. Similarly, The Harley also offers a variety of well-made and delicious burgers with an equally chilled out atmosphere. The Wick at Both Ends is also a must for those who like to eat out. This serves delicious food from Sunday Dinners to salads and burgers. With its 20 per cent student discount, is a great place to enjoy a nice meal. Do not forget Bloo 88’s 2-4-1 on pizzas and cocktails deal,  making it the perfect place to catch up with a sociable atmosphere. Similarly, do not discount your Vodka Revolution society card, who can say no to half price food and discounted drinks?


The Nottingham House is the perfect place to go for the traditional pie and pint. Whether it is the classic Steak and Ale or the Asparagus and Red Pepper for the vegetarians out there, Notty House has all the characteristics of a typical Yorkshire pub. Also in Broomhill is the Fox and Duck which is a great student pub and lets you bring your own food. If cheap cocktails are more your thing then The Place might be more up your street.  Further afield in Commonside is The Closed Shop and Hallamshire House, both serve traditional Sunday Roasts and offer a wide selection of draft beers. For a more intimate venue, the Red Deer just off Mappin Street smells divine during Christmas with mulled wine and cider.


 Like the comfort of your own kitchen? Simmonite, an independent butchers down Division Street is perfect for students who like to cook. As well as selling samosas, curries and other delicacies, it is the deals on the chicken and burgers, which makes it so popular. Closer to halls is Fruit A Peel. Its cheap and locally sourced fruit and vegetables will be your nutritious savior during first year. Do not forget to try their fresh orange juice, perfect for hangovers. Similarly, Beanies in Commonside sells organic fruit and veg as well as vegan ice cream and an array of vegetarian foods.

Charity Shops

If money’s a little tight but you are desperate for some retail therapy, charity shops are a great alternative. Student areas like Broomhill and Crookes have plenty of great charities to spruce up your wardrobe. Oxfam and PDSA in Broomhill are great for unique clothing and they sell other decorative items, furniture, books and CDs too. St Luke’s Hospice on the far end of Crookes high street usually sell their items at throwaway prices. If you are wandering into town, the Cancer Research UK shop on Pinstone Street is small but makes a good addition to shopping on the high street.Drinks

Vintage Shops

First stop is Cow on West Street, which has a whole range of custom clothing and vintage accessories. They constantly update their stock, so you will always find yourself popping in there to scope out new trends. On Carver Street, you have Freshman’s Vintage Clothing Store which is particularly good for men’s vintage fashion and holds an amazing range of scarves around autumn. Head on to Division Street and you will find A New Shop, which is simply enormous and has the most amazing range of jumpers as you approach the colder months. Keep walking up Division Street and you will find Forum, which is home to a range of little independent shops and boutiques. One of the shops is Sour Cherry, a Sheffield brand that makes quirky jewellery with pop culture and vintage inspired designs for very reasonable prices. Further down Division Street you will also find Syd & Mallory’s Emporium, whose appliqued motifs on clothing are their signature style.

Corp Outfit

As a fresher, it’s a rite of passage to grace Corp with your presence almost every Wednesday for its ‘Skool Disco’ night. Known for its rainbow pints, quadvods, leaky ceiling and cheesy tunes, Corp makes a fabulous night out. Invest in a white shirt and buy a cheap tie. An old school tie will also do. The white shirt and tie combination gets you £1 entry into Corp before midnight. Once in Corp, there’s nothing worse than sporting your favourite kicks and finding them home to Corp’s grime by the end of the night. Invest in a pair of cheap plimsolls or a Primark pair of shoes that you exclusively use for Corp. Now with your outfit sorted, just make sure you don’t lose it at Corp and you will have at least a year’s worth of cheap and memorable nights out at Corp.


At the end of July, Sheffield hosts Tramlines Festival, a three-day event that provides the perfect opportunity to soak up the Northern sun, drink pints in beer gardens and catch up with your flat mates. A £28 ticket covers daytime music at the Devonshire Green, Western Park and the Peace Gardens as well as entry to all of Sheffield’s best clubs, including Leadmill, Plug, O2 Academy and The Night Kitchen. Every street, pub, club and café is packed and the atmosphere is electric. There is no other time you will see Sheffield in its full glory and with this year’s headliners including The Cribs, Sister Sledge, Boddika and Annie Mac, you’d be mad to miss out.


Monday – The DQ, Plus1 night or Leadmill’s Shag night that play anything from indie music to club classics

TuesdayThe Tuesday Club at the students’ Union usually hosts some great DJs playing at Foundry and Fusion. Otherwise Spanked at Plug is perfect for chart music.

WednesdayCorp. There is no alternative other than Corp, Ever.

ThursdayJump Around at Plug is a freshers’ favourite. If you fancy dressing up in a nice new dress and heels, the a Carver Street wrist band gets you entry to around four clubs, including Paris and Viper Rooms. Also look out for Soul Jam, which is a special disco inspired night at DQ on some Thursdays.

FridayPropaganda at Plug is mainly an indie night, otherwise Gaga at Leadmill is home to indie and chart music. Or maybe, sample all things Yorkshire with the Students’ Union’s new night, Ey Up?

SaturdayPop Tarts. Just like Corp, you cannot make any other plans on a Saturday night apart from Pop Tarts.

Sunday – You need to rest, because with all of these amazing nights out, you will need at least one day to recuperate and maybe think about attending those all important lectures.