Sheffield Hallam 15 University of Sheffield 2 The University of Sheffield Ultimate Frisbee Men’s 2s...

Sheffield Hallam 15 University of Sheffield 2

The University of Sheffield Ultimate Frisbee Men’s 2s travelled to Hallam Sports Park to play Sheffield Hallam Men’s 1s where they took a 15-2.

Hallam showed that their indoor development has penetrated their outdoor game too, with a well-drilled offensive system and tight cup zone combining with their usual athletic strengths to give them a dominant win.

Hallam forced a turnover with the very first throw of the game and converted the point with a simple break throw to get on the board within the first minute. The wind slowed Hallam down as they sought the up-wind break, with both sides dropping simple discs and throwing away cheaply. Hallam kept pressing up the pitch and eventually got the break with a nice roll curve forehand up the line, giving them an early 2-0 lead.

Sheffield struggled to make any progress, as Hallam’s cup zone trapped them in their own endzone, forcing a turn. Then Hallam’s endzone iso play resulted in another easy point, a pattern they looked to follow throughout the match. Sheffield did finally create a scoring opportunity, but Shaun Eccleston dropped the lovely rolling huck from Ashley Robert, before Hallam once again broke through Sheffield’s man defence to score another up-wind point.

The next few points continued in a similar vein, as Hallam’s slick continuation plays and well-drilled horizontal stack repeatedly gave them opportunities. Both teams were turning over frequently, yet Hallam ultimately made the better of their chances, and made more of their endzone chances count, leaving them with a 7-0 lead.

Sheffield changed tack, and attempted to huck the disc deep, only for Hallam to bring it down with ease, before, finally, a turn near their own endzone gave Sheffield a golden opportunity which, this time, they did not pass up, with a layout from Alex Calderbank securing Sheffield first point, getting them on the board just before Hallam scored another to take it to 8-1 at half-time.

Hallam lost their structure for a period after half-time, with chaotic cutting and poor decisions from their handlers allowing Sheffield to have four quick chances to bring a point back, however some lazy throws and dropping of simple discs, and overall a lack of patience on the disc, meant that none of these chances were converted, and Hallam got away with their lull and recovered to storm ahead to a 14-1 lead.

Sheffield brought back one point as a huck from Robert was brought down by captain Joe Christian, but Hallam quickly converted the final point to run away with the win, 15-2. Sheffield’s defence had continued to give them chances throughout the game, but their offense lacked structure and meant that the opportunities they had worked so hard to create went to waste.

Another disappointing result for Sheffield left Christian frustrated, but he remained positive that the team would recover and they could still come out the inaugural BUCS season with at least one win.

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