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We’re LIVE from Forge Debates in Studio & Fusion

You can watch live at forgetoday.com/elections

Lisa Latham March 1, 20179:01 pm

Spider Dan wants to work with every student body to improve student living and give equal opportunities to all

michaelchilton March 1, 20179:00 pm

Goldsmith closes debate proceedings. Round of applause for Presidential candidates.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20179:00 pm

Spider Dan: “I think I’ve been a bit quiet today. I’ve just been practising a major policy – listening to the viewpoints of others”

michaelchilton March 1, 20179:00 pm

Najmudin talks about her policies and how they will help make life easier for students.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:59 pm

Spider Dan has been silent so far…

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:58 pm

Maxwell wants to recognise student voices and help them “campaign for whatever they want”

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:58 pm

Elliott in his closing statement advocates a neutral Students Union, representing students as individuals not groups.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:58 pm

Kumar says we should make a stand as students with Brexit on the brink and start prioritising mental health

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:57 pm

Hirani talks about his belief in transparency and bringing it to the role of President.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:57 pm

Maxwell wants to introduce a food bank to encourage food sustainability and support struggling students

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:57 pm

Closing statements for Presidential candidates.

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:55 pm

Najmudin voices her support for the Union shop, defending its prices as an independant shop compared to highstreet brands.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:55 pm

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:54 pm

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:53 pm

Disagreement over whether university publishes its spending.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:53 pm

Heywood says that looking at what Universities do within their budget shows that £9000 isn’t actually that much

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:52 pm

Kumar: “Universities use students like cash cows, and think ‘let’s milk them til they die'”.

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:51 pm

Goldsmith turns debate towards the issue of finance

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:50 pm

Hirani attacks Elliott on his position of freedom of speech in relation to students supporting NSS boycott. Saying that it is surely the students using their freedom of speech to demand the boycott.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:50 pm

Kumar says: “Anyone should be allowed to speak their mind, at any time and any place, but they should use this right responsibly.”

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:50 pm

Elliott thinks the notion of freedom of speech is becoming more and more “exclusive”, favouring some opinions over others

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:47 pm

Heywood says that tuition fees will rise, something that cannot be stopped.

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:46 pm

Candidates lining up to identify the shortcomings of the NUS. Claiming it has serious problems and shortcomings.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:46 pm

Kumar to Maxwell: “Have you sat in the NUS committee? No? Well I have and am aware of their capabilities”

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:45 pm

Maxwell says the NUS is a missed opportunity and that it should have more power. Wants to change this fact as President.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:45 pm

Kumar has worked with the NUS and says they have a lot of influence and opportunity for students

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:44 pm

Kumar believes students should work more closely with the NUS to get what they want and support them in improving students’ lives. He says: “united we stand, divided we fall”

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:44 pm

Candidates being asked their stance on the NUS.

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:43 pm

Hirani again. Saying that we should still oppose rising tuition fees and that there is still a real reason why we should do so. Admits we won’t be able to reduce them straight away but we should still resist further rises.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:42 pm

Goldsmith raises the issue of tuition fees once again to the candidates

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:42 pm

Hirani says his manifesto is achievable though “not overnight”.

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:41 pm

Maxwell acting as peace broker between arguing candidates. Debate moves on to discrimination.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:41 pm

Najmudin asks Elliott: “Students want the boycott, how can you represent students if you disagree with their views? The fact that my little sister will pay more for Uni than I did is ridiculous.”

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:40 pm

Elliott says that receiving no data through the NSS will not stop the Government raising tuition fees

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:39 pm

Hirani challenges Elliott on his opposition to NSS boycott, arguing it goes against his belief that university fees are far too high.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:39 pm

Elliott says boycotts are expensive and cost the Union money, bringing up the recent movement to boycott the NSS

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:38 pm

Elliott advocates free printing and believes students should be saving money here and there. He believes that the University can find money from the £9k paid each year

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:37 pm

Maxwell says his manifesto is realistic and specific unlike previous candidates which was full of sweeping, unattainable policies.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:37 pm

Sukayna says she wants to tackle issues of mental health and stop them unfairly affecting students’ grades

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:35 pm

Maxwell taking a brave position in voicing his disinterested in childrens book series “Harry Potter” by JK Rowling.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:34 pm

Spider Dan is a Hufflepuff at heart, Heywood is a Gryffindor, Sukayna a Hufflepuff too. Maxwell is a Harry Potter Hater and declines the question

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:34 pm

Goldsmith asks: Harry Potter houses?

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:33 pm

Spider Dan says he will be an “amazing President”.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:33 pm

Heywood is running for President because he wants to make University staffing roles more transparent and accessible and prepare the University and Union for Brexit

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:33 pm

Najmudin talking about accessiblity, and mental health provisions as part of her manifesto

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:33 pm

Maxwell wants to make a “real, tangible change” to student experience and ensure all have a good time

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:32 pm

Elliott openning statement advocating freedom of speech of individuals, not as groups. Also free printing.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:32 pm

Kumar’s policies include creating equal opportunity for all students and increasing university accessibility

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:31 pm

Openning statements from Presidential candidates…

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:31 pm

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:27 pm

Finally tonight we have the Presidential debate. Candidates are: Rish Kumar, Sukayna Najmudin, Kieran Maxwell, Lewis Elliott, Harshil Hirani, Danial ‘Spider Dan’ Whitehead and Jeremy Heywood. Starting soon…

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:20 pm

Nolan Rose says her policies are pragmatic, inclusive and wide-reaching, and has confidence in her ability to bring her aims to fruition

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:20 pm

Tayyab draws upon her own experience of discrimination that will help inform her time as Women’s Officer.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:19 pm

Jones says “Forget the rest, vote Celeste”

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:19 pm

Holden mentions her achievable goals and her prior experience that make her suited for the Women’s Officer role.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:19 pm

Ladley says they want to transform education to make it more liberated, work on inclusion for all gender identities and encourage an atmosphere of support within the Union

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:18 pm

Ladley says to keep focus on the long term progress not just more short term policies

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:18 pm

Goldsmith asks for closing statements…

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:17 pm

Jones answers with closer links to City Taxi’s to ensure safer rides home from nights out.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:17 pm

Nolan Rose says: “I’d like to point out that violence against women does not only happen at night. I want to offer self-defence lessons to female students so they can protect themselves all the time”

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:16 pm

Quickfire on how we can increase women’s safety around Sheffield.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:15 pm

Celeste suggests the women’s safety bus should run every half hour rather than every hour to ensure all female students can be safe at all times

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:14 pm

Tayyab in agreement with other candidates that the safety bus needs to be advertised more while also talking about her other policies to tackle the problem.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:14 pm

Mayeda believes students should receive panic alarms in all welcome packs, but has revised her previous pledge to give out pepper spray after finding out it would be illegal

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:13 pm

Holden thinks there should be increased awareness of the women’s safety bus to help protect students at night

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:13 pm

Goldsmith asking a question about what can realistically be done about sexual harrasment on campus.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:12 pm

Assinder thinks that Women’s Officer may have to stand up to tackle inter-group disputes, but believes ultimately that students should be encouraged to disagree and share differences in a healthy, mature way

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:10 pm

Ladley saying that grounds for collaberation and consensus should be the focus point of any Womens Officer

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:10 pm

Goldsmith asks how candidates intend to deal with students and student groups who have conflicting issues and beliefs

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:09 pm

Nolan Rose supports changing the name to add greater clarity for the student body as to what the role entails and who it represents.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:09 pm

Ladley addresses the impression that men cannot represent women and believes the claims are untrue; they do think that breaking the Women’s Officer role into smaller roles would be useful in providing support for a wider group of students

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:08 pm

Jones defending the title of Womens Officer by saying that any group that faces discrimination can be represented by a woman competantly.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:07 pm

Assinder believes that having a Women’s Officer is absolutely valid and ensures women receive the specific treatment they need, and says that leaders of minority or equality groups “cannot be straight white men”

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:04 pm

Goldsmith asks whether the role should be labelled as Womens Officer due to the increasingly diverse student body.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:03 pm

Candidates are keenest on margherita and goats cheese pizzas

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:03 pm

Ladley wanting to put forward trans-rights as well as womens rights at the forefront of their time as Womens Officer if elected.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:02 pm

Goldsmith asks the candidate: If you were an interval pizza which would you be and why?

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:02 pm

Jones openning statement revolving around safety and making everyone feel safe while also advocating free sanitary products.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20178:01 pm

Candidates left-right: Georgia Nolan Rose, Mayeda Tayyab, Celeste Jones, Jodie Assinder, Hannah Holden and Eden Ladley

michaelchilton March 1, 20178:01 pm

Save Our Sandwitches becoming a hot topic in this SU election. Many candidates being characterized by their stance towards the group.

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:57 pm

Next up we have the Women’s candidates: Jodie Assinder, Eden Ladley, Mayeda Tayyab, Georgia Nolan Rose, Celeste Jones and Hannah Holden.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:51 pm

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:50 pm

Flanagan aims to make a transparent, sustainable and efficient SU.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:50 pm

Megan says: “If you want someone who is experienced, passionate and can make real change then vote for me for Development”

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:48 pm

Patrick says he wants to “make our SU for everyone” with cheaper clubnights, inclusion for all and loyalty cards

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:47 pm

Mcgrath in her final statement underlines her sustainabilty position, acknowledging she cannot solve every problem but has some realistic aims that can make student lives better.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:45 pm

Patrick says the Union has too many ’empty spaces’, for example the old properties shop, and thinks they could be put to better use. He suggests they could become rooms for students to take medication or spaces for trans students who do not feel engaged with the LGBT+ committee

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:43 pm

Goldsmith responds by apologising if he has offended anyone and that he in no way advocates Stalinism or Maoism.

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:43 pm

Mcgrath having her manifesto examined, claiming many of her policies are not new. She responds with some policy regarding Coffee Revs and how that this has not been a focus of policy.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:42 pm

Goldsmith asks Joe why his poster features him stood by Stalin and Mao, and asks what kind of image he is trying to portray to student voters…

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:41 pm

Megan says she has lots of idea on how to maintain food sustainability and takes inspiration from initiatives used in other kitchens and universities

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:40 pm

Candidates asked about their food waste intiatives. Flanagan suggests encouraging societies to get involved and help out.

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:38 pm

The sandwitch issue is once again rearing its head. Candidates talking about the importance of Save Our Sandwitches while being challenged on the perception that they are wading in on the groups activities.

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:36 pm

Mcgrath attacking the idea of re-useable cups and the amount of staff it would take to implement successfully

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:36 pm

Development Officer candidates Megan Mcgrath, Patrick Brierley and Joe Flanagan.

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:36 pm

Flanagan attacking the idea that the union cannot be both sustainable and financially sound. Arguing that both can be done through simple changes.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:35 pm

Goldsmith asks the candidates if they are prepared for the role…

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:35 pm

Mcgrath talks about second hand sales and sustainability policies that she hopes to bring among other ideas for the role.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:34 pm

Patrick, being “quite good at numbers”, thinks he’s the ideal candidate for collaborating with the SU, listening to the student voice and working across campus to improve student facilities

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:33 pm

Flanagan describing his past years as living in a “capitalist hellscape”. Looks to bring this experience to the Development Officer position

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:32 pm

Goldsmith asks “What clubnight are you?” All candidates reply: “Pop Tarts”.

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:32 pm

Megan Mcgrath highlighting her wealth of experience campaigning for carious issues across the union and univerisity.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:31 pm

Patrick introduces himself as a second-year bio-engineering student who is dedicated to bringing change to the Union

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:31 pm

Joe Flanagan in his openning statement for Development Officer talking about his experiences with the Union building and how it could be improved.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:24 pm

Development officer candidates Patrick Brierley, Adam Fairclough, and Megan Mcgrath take their seats. Joe Flanagan and Madawi Alahmad are unable to attend.

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:22 pm

Morgan in his final statement underlines his passion to help students and brings up his four year’s worth of experience on both welfare committee, resident mentor and student council. Saying he has taken every opportunity to help out and promote student welfare.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:21 pm

Reena and Robbie share a good-luck hug as they exit the stage.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:20 pm

Reena says: “As president of Mental Health Matters society I think I would make a brilliant welfare officer. I really do care about students and I want to make so many changes, and have lots of ideas.”

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:20 pm

Reena acknowledges the complexities of finding new housemates and thinks Robbie’s app is “a unique idea”

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:18 pm

Goldsmith asks about Reena’s ‘buddy policy’. Reena says: “The basic concept is similar to what has been implemented in Pop Tarts, volunteers will be present on nights out to provide student support and process any concerns.”

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:17 pm

Morgan being grilled on his policy manifesto. Responding by underlining the importance of having realistic goals and that his policy of developing the Sheffield app in the long term could cut costs not increase them.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:15 pm

Reena says the current services need to be reformed to give students full support

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:13 pm

The biggest challenge facing the welfare officer? Reena says the lack of funding and limited resources to welfare services are hard to overcome, but believes she can improve student mental health by maximising publicity and communication

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:13 pm

Welfare candidate Reena Staves

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:12 pm

Morgan taking a more hardline approach to dealing with personal tutors who are failing their students. Wanting to take on Departments that are under performing in this regard.

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:11 pm

Welfare candidate Robbie Morgan

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:11 pm

Reena suggests that staff should be made aware of support services and hold frequent meetings and workshops to ensure they stay in touch with their students

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:10 pm

Goldsmith asks what can be done to help students engage with and use their tutors

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:09 pm

Robbie Morgan in agreement over funding of Welfare services. Both want to stop increasing cuts to the counciling service among others. Morgan also highlighting the inflexible times of many of these services.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:08 pm

Reena suggests collaboration with counselling services to capitalise on their resources and research how best to use them

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:07 pm

Host Alex Goldsmith asks how candidates aim to improve student health services…

michaelchilton March 1, 20177:07 pm

Candidates for Welfare officer are laying out their key differences in policy. Robbie Morgan focusing on housing Reena Staves on student’s study needs.

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:06 pm

Robbie Morgan, president of the Welfare Committee, hopes to improve student relationships with landlords and provide thorough information to student regarding housing. He will offer support to students who are unhappy with their living situation

Lisa Latham March 1, 20177:04 pm

President of Mental Health Matters and welfare Officer Candidate Reena Staves said she wants to work hard with the University counselling service to provide a positive, professional outlook to students.