Though JAWS’ dreamy indie-pop is relatively mellow, their upbeat mood creates a really lively reaction...

Though JAWS’ dreamy indie-pop is relatively mellow, their upbeat mood creates a really lively reaction from the crowd at their Sheffield date at the city’s Plug. It is energetic and loud.

The gig is opened by Trash, whose lively, dynamic and friendly set warms up the crowd and builds up their excitement for JAWS. However, Chartreuse, the second support, slows things down again, with a set comprising of notably softer songs. JAWS’ lively gig would have been better built up to if Trash’s upbeat set had directly preceded JAWS’, as the tempos were better suited.

JAWS’ confidence as a band shine throughout, and their joy at watching their audience enjoying their music is clearly observable. Their set is comprised predominantly of songs from their 2014 debut album Be Slowly, with a couple of tracks from their 2013 EP Milkshake, interspersed within these.

As a live act they are brilliant, as their ability to replicate the songs from their album perfectly whilst making their contemplative songs, about summer breezes and crushes, faster and more animated so that everyone has a good time, is admirable.

JAWS are incredibly talented musicians – each of the songs they play live is technically flawless.

JAWS are clearly having a great time onstage and this makes the performance special. During ‘Friend like You’, frontman Connor Schofield instructs each member of the crowd to put their arms around the shoulders of their friends – a positive, sociable moment that epitomises the warm, friendly atmosphere of the gig.

A show of honesty and lack of pretension is demonstrated when frontman Connor announces how ‘fake’ he believes encores to be, letting the crowd know that they would stay there and play their last two songs and wouldn’t wait to be cheered back on to play them. They finish with ‘Gold’, which wraps up the gig perfectly.

Overall, JAWS’ performance is highly enjoyable and their breezy, beachy tunes turned Plug into a warm, happy refuge from the cold outside.

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