Aerospace engineering student, Alex Morgan, has become a Facebook sensation after a page set up...

Aerospace engineering student, Alex Morgan, has become a Facebook sensation after a page set up by his friends to encourage people to support his attempt to finish his dissertation by the deadline reached 2,000 people.

His dissertation, entitled ‘Fragmentation of water droplets via computer simulation of molecule dynamics’ involves 15 thirty minute simulations and must be a minimum of 6000 words.

His current word count is 2000 having completed around 10 hours of lab work. Officially, the deadline was 4pm yesterday however Morgan aims to hand in today taking the five per cent penalty that comes with a late hand in.

Noted for his coffee addiction, friends of Morgan set up the page to spur him on hoping to pick up his low mood after realising his mammoth task was going to be a struggle.

Morgan, regularly referred to as Morgazoid on the page, had at its creation 20 hours to complete the assignment.

The hashtag #prayformorgazoid has been a central feature of the support campaign with many choosing to attach it to the end of encouraging messages.

One student even suggested that if he manages to pull off the challenge a statue of Morgan should be built outside of the Octagon Centre to give hope to other students struggling during the stressful exam and assessment period.

Those following the page were impressed when he decided to go home and nap instead of pulling an all-nighter in the IC.

The page has attracted attention from students from other universities who sent their support to Morgan. Students from both the University of Bath and the University of Birmingham had sent their encouragement.

The Official Nights Out at Sheffield Students’ Union page commented on the feed offering Morgan a free ticket to the Summer Social if he was able to make the deadline, a strong incentive for the final year student.

Forge Press wishes him good luck; even if he is unable to obtain a decent degree classification at least he can now say he’s Facebook famous!