University of Sheffield students joined a country-wide walkout on November 17 to show support for international students and migrants.

“Today, it’s the National Day of Solidarity,” said International Students’ Officer Peggy Lim (pictured). “We have had too much from the Government. International students are always on the migration targets. So we asked students to walk out at 10.30 to show solidarity with international students, refugees and asylum seekers.”

Students were also encouraged to share their messages to the Home Office, which will be compiled into an open letter. “We have done something extra with our campaign,” added Peggy. “We are asking students to send their messages to the Home Office.

“It’s just not fair. Everybody is international. Especially after the attacks, we have people saying ‘shut the borders’ and I just think that’s quite harsh. It’s not necessary because we are not the ones who have done this. It’s just going to create more tensions and divide people.

“It’s not just about the walkout, it’s about the message that we send as well.”

The Day of Solidarity, organised by the NUS, saw students across the UK walk out of lectures at 10.30am.

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