It was a triumphant afternoon for the University of Sheffield Snowboard Club 1s as they...

It was a triumphant afternoon for the University of Sheffield Snowboard Club 1s as they won round three of the Kings Ski Club competition.

With the first team having come third in the last two rounds, Sheffield travelled up to Sunderland with reason to believe they could get a podium finish, if not more. All their races had been close with little else but a few falls separating them from Lancaster University, Manchester University and Leeds University on the leader board.

The racers for Sheffield 1s for the third round were Jonathan Copeman, Flo Brookes, Race and Freestyle Captain James Hallas and Club Co-Captain Alex Kennedy. The day started in typical fashion – rainy, windy and cold – but Sheffield got off to a flying start with a win over winners of the first round Lancaster 1s.

The long wait between races didn’t throw off the concentration of any of the racers as they followed up their opening win with victories over Newcastle 1s and Newcastle 2s. The biggest test came on the fourth race when they faced round one runner up and round two winners Manchester University 1s.

SUSC 1s had a narrow lead as the last two racers set off. It was impressive how Alex Kennedy remained on his feet the whole race, passing as close to the polls as possible to gain speed, his board clipped them a number of times. This was a risk that paid off, as he crossed the finish line well before his opposite number.

With confidence soaring there was no surprise on the slope when Sheffield 1s beat Lancaster 1s in the final race to claim top spot for the day, earning them 10 points.

This puts them second in the leader board for the Northern Boarders Competition with 22 points, a narrow two points behind Manchester 1s.

Sheffield 2s managed to pick up two points, but still remain bottom of the leader board and in the Mixed Skiing League Sheffield 1s picked up nine points and Sheffield Ski 2s picked up seven as they sit seventh and 11th respectively.

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