University of Sheffield 7 University of York 11 The University of Sheffield Ultimate Men’s 1s...

University of Sheffield 7 University of York 11

The University of Sheffield Ultimate Men’s 1s travelled to the University of York for their final BUCS game, still yet to record a win this season but found themselves finishing the season winless after a 11-7 defeat.

After some early concerns about the condition of the pitch following a morning of snow were averted, Sheffield started strongly, earning an up-wind break early in the game and converting the down-wind point straight after to notch up a 3-1 lead. A solid flick huck into the wind from Matt Wright was brought down by Tom Lawrance, who then floated a disc which Ben Wallace, promoted from the 2s, produced a fine layout grab for.

York, however, struck back, getting their own up-wind break to level the score, moving the disc fluidly between their handlers and taking advantage of their height to bring down many high discs.

Sheffield’s handlers continued to move the disc steadily up-field, with Wright, Lawrance, and James Tippett all breaking the force with ease, however panic on the endzone line stalled their offence and meant they failed to convert a number of excellent opportunities.

A long, gruelling point ensued with York leading 4-3, as both side’s defence proved solid and the offence showed frustration and impatience. Sheffield’s hard-working man defence forced many errors from York going into the wind, and, eventually, they made good of their chances and brought the score back level.

From here though, York stepped their game up a gear, running their handler weave well and utilising their deep cutters to good effect to gain a three-point lead, at 7-4.

Both side’s took a time-out, looking to regain their composure, and Sheffield continued to look good on offence, adapting well against York’s zone, but lacking the cutting edge on the endzone line that would have seen them really put pressure on. Whilst York were made to turnover on numerous occasions, they never looked unduly troubled in their defensive game, getting point-blocks in and trapping the disc on the sideline.

he teams continued to trade points evenly up to the time cap, with the score at 9-6 when time was called. York took the next point, meaning the game was played to 11, and Sheffield made good use of their down-wind advantage, with Lawrance putting up a well-weighted backhand huck which Danny Webb judged perfectly to jump in with.

However, York, needing just one point to win and having offence down-wind were always favourites, and a strong huck was brought down in the endzone, typifying their performance on the day, where dominance in the air and a positive mentality won out.

This left Sheffield’s 1s without a BUCS win all season, however their thoughts now turn to Varsity, taking place in April.