Your Forge Radio Committee are here to help you with anything that we can.

Whether you’re just starting to think about getting involved with Forge Radio or already are involved, don’t hesitate to contact us using the email or Twitter handles provided.

You can click on each member of the Committee to find out more about their roles and how to contact them.

  • Station Manager
    Charlie Martin
    Charlie is responsible for overseeing the long term vision for Forge Radio. She oversees the actions of the whole Committee and motivates them throughout the year, supporting them where possible. She is also responsible for being the ambassador and spokesperson of Forge Radio throughout the Union and the wider community.
  • Deputy Station Manager
    Bea Duncan
    Bea assists in the day to day running of the Station, with a key focus on collaboration across all of Forge. She also maintains relationships with University societies and departments, as well as heading up Forge Radio's charity efforts.
  • Secretary
    Aidan Leape
    Aidan is responsible for recording the minutes and attendance of the general meetings (GM) you attend each fortnight and making them available to all members. If you cannot make a GM, you must let him know as soon as possible. Aidan also organises Forge Radio's socials.
  • Treasurer
    Louise Brown
    Louise is responsible for all monetary in-goings and out-goings of Forge Radio and handles the annual budget. She also manages the checking in and out of equipment you may use whilst reporting for Forge Radio such as microphones and other recording devices.
  • Head of Daytime
    David Schofield
    David looks after shows falling in the daytime area from 9am to 5pm, which focus on entertainment and play music predominantly from the Forge Radio Playlist. He also works with our Head of Evening for all scheduling matters. On top of all this, David runs our Late Breakfast sub-team which air shows every weekday at 2pm.
  • Head of Evening
    Emily Aspinall
    Emily looks after our evening shows which begin at 5pm and stretch to the early hours. These shows focus on specific genres or themes of music.
  • Head of Music
    Alex Walker
    Alex oversees the Music Committee who help decide what music goes on the fortnightly Forge Radio Playlist. He also organises music interviews with music acts visiting Sheffield and works alongside Forge Presents... to help identify upcoming acts.
  • Deputy Head of Music
    Maddy Barber
    Maddy works alongside Alex to run the Music Committee at Forge Radio. She also works closely with Forge Presents... to identify acts to book for performances and is the main liaison for unsigned and local music acts.
  • Head of News
    Sian Bradley
    Sian runs our News Team, who report throughout the year, providing them with training in news broadcasting. This includes daily news bulletins and flagship news shows. Interested? Get in touch!
  • Deputy Head of News
    Charlotte Schofield
    Charlotte works alongside Sian in running the News Team here at Forge Radio and more specifically, student features as part of the news output.
  • Head of Sport
    Nikhil Vekaria
    Nikhil runs the Sports Team which ensures coverage of University and local sport, including Sheffield Wednesday and United matches. The busiest time of the year is of course Varsity when the team grows to cover the showpiece event.
  • Deputy Head of Sport
    Oli Baseley
    Oli works alongside Hugh to run the Sports Team. His more specific roles involve focusing on expansion of coverage to alumni and intra-mural sport, as well as building strong relationships with the University Sports Teams.
  • Head of Production
    Joshua Roberts
    Joshua is responsible for developing the overall station sound and also running the Production team, which helps in creating adverts to be played on the station. They are also involved in live editing highlight packages of major station coverage such as Elections and Varsity.
  • Deputy Head of Production
    Dan Bridge
    Dan works alongside Joshua to run the Production team and has a specific role in liaising with sub-teams to assist in their content creation.
  • Head of Technology
    Jamie Blakeman
    Jamie is responsible for all technical upkeep of Forge Radio and is responsible for Outside Broadcasts. He also runs a Tech Team for those that are interested in learning more about what keeps Forge Radio broadcasting. He works alongside Music for live sessions and Forge Presents... for live gigs.
  • Deputy Head of Technology
    Lewis Brand
    Lewis is responsible for the day to day broadcast of Forge Radio and assisting Jamie. He also helps to run the Tech Team for those that are interested in learning more about what keeps Forge Radio broadcasting.
  • Head of Training & Development
    Will Moran
    Will is responsible for organising the training of all new recruits of Forge Radio and managing the Training Weekends. He is also in charge of Give It A Go sessions and the mentor scheme.
  • Head of Forge

    Ben Cole
    Ben runs Forge Presents... which is Forge's live music, DJ night and entertainment branch. He also manages a sub-team which assist in this including stage management, poster design and advertisement.
  • Head of Marketing
    Kerry Miller
    Kerry manages Forge Radio's social media output and image, such as branded attire. She also liaises with the Head of Daytime to put on competitions & books advertising space for the station to use.
  • Head of Online
    Nicole Norman
    Nicole is responsible for the upkeep of and its content. She works alongside members to help them develop their show profiles. Nicole also works closely with the Head of Marketing and other branches of Forge to collaborate online.