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Last year we had over 400 active members at Forge Radio and we’re always welcoming more! Maybe you want your own show or you want to report on sports or the latest news on campus. Perhaps something behind the scenes, helping to produce shows and content, or working with our technology? There’s something for everyone here at Forge Radio and we pride ourselves on not turning away anyone.

If you’d like to find out more, email us at and we’ll show you how easy it is to join us!

  • Present A Show
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    With over 15 shows a day, whether it's a music show or a special interest, you can present on Forge Radio.
  • Music Team
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    Interview bands, review gigs and help decide what music gets played on Your University Soundtrack.
  • News Team
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    Be at the front line of the latest local and student news such as protests, Union Elections and more.
  • Sports Team
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    Press pass local sports and cover one of the biggest events of the year at Sheffield, Varsity.
  • Production Team
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    Become one of the minds behind the way the entire station sounds, and discover new skills in audio editing.
  • Tech Team
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    Live sound engineering, computer management and more. Learn what keeps Forge Radio ticking.
  • Forge Presents... Team
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    Help organise and run live DJ, live music nights and secret gigs around the city.
  • Late Breakfast Team
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    With a Late Breakfast show each weekday, Late Breakfast is the perfect place to meet new people, ease yourself into Forge Radio and learn how it all works.
  • And Much Much More
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    There's so much more to do at Forge. Radio presenting is just the beginning.

Presenting A Show

Absolutely no experience is required and you’ll be trained in everything you need to be a part of Student Radio at Sheffield. We have two main types of show, Daytime and Evening. Daytime shows focus on entertainment and fun, whilst Evening shows tend to be more serious and focus on specialist music.

Interested? Email our Head of Daytime, David at or our Head of Evening, Emily at


Music Team

Joining the Music Team at Forge Radio gives you the chance to interview artists both upcoming and established when they play in Sheffield. You can also help shape what music gets played every day on the station.

If you’re passionate about music, get in touch with Alex and Maddy at

News Team

The News team cover the latest goings on in the city and on campus.
The chance to interview politicians and propose your own stories for broadcast are a great opportunity.

Contact Sian and Charlotte at for more.

Sports Team

Press passes to Sheffield United, Wednesday, Steelers, Sharks and Eagles. Meet the players and the managers. Cover University sport each week and in one of the largest Varsity’s in the UK. Discuss the world of sport weekly.

Forge Radio Sport is one of the most exciting sections to be a part of. Contact Nikhil and Oli at for more.

Production Team

Put simply, production is anything we broadcast that isn’t music or a presenter.

If you want a direct hand in making sure the station sounds professional, fun, and complete, all the while having your work heard regularly by our entire listenership, the production team might be perfect for you.

Contact Josh and Dan at for more information

Tech Team

There’s plenty to do in the Tech team at Forge Radio. Maybe you prefer working with sound and live recording? Or you’re more comfortable with programming and computers?
When Forge Radio breaks free of the studio for an Outside Broadcast, the tech team are crucial.

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes.

Email Oscar and Jamie at to find out more.

Forge Presents... Team

Forge Presents… is our events arm, putting on a wide variety of live gigs across the city of Sheffield. Whether that be an acoustic night at the local pub to raise money for charity, a DJ night led by Forge’s very own budding DJs or a night with some of the most exciting up and coming acts, you can be a part of it.

Being an artist liaison, heading up the marketing of events or working with our Tech team to make sure the night goes off without a hitch, the Forge Presents… team is one of the most exciting, up and coming parts of Forge as a whole.

Get in touch with Ben at to get involved.


Late Breakfast Team

Late Breakfast is one of the most creative areas of Forge; a diverse range of presenters, with so many different interests come together each week to present a flagship show every day.

Coupled with the latest in News and Sport that day, Late Breakfast is the essential showcase of what students really need to know is going on, in and around the Union. This makes Late Breakfast an amazing opportunity to see so much in and around your University, without forsaking masses of your time to each individual activity or event.

By matching up our most experienced presenters with those new to Forge through Late Breakfast, a really strong, close knit team is built and everyone can get involved as much or as little as they want.
Get in touch with David at

Join Forge Radio

Having a weekly show, reporting on the latest news stories or covering Uni sport is a crucial part of Forge Radio, but it’s not all that we do. Our fundraising efforts were a great success last year, through a wide variety of events. One such example, Spiderwalk, was a 13 mile walk in the Peaks that saw many of our members don macs and wellies for a nighttime walk through the nearby Peak District.

Even if you don’t fancy yourself as an on air voice (and a lot of our best presenters started off as being rather shy!) don’t worry, there are so many different ways to get involved in what we do here at Forge Radio.

Yes presenting, but also producing, interviewing, fundraising, researching, planning, providing technical help, running a whole range of events, training, developing and so much more; if you aren’t quite sure what you want to get involved in here at the University of Sheffield, but definitely want to get involved in something, Forge Radio showcases some of the best opportunities, and almost certainly one of the widest varieties of any activity in the Union.

If you’ve got more questions, get in touch with Aidan at