• Slo and Joe's Big Beats Manifesto
    Tom Sloman (SLO) and Joseph Butler bring you an eclectic and ever changing collection of tunes each week, playing everything from ABBA to ZZTop, but mostly the stuff in between. We provide you with 'Record of the Week', the music focused geographical show down that is 'North v South' and occasionally a quiz! Enjoy
    Wednesday 1am-2am
  • Nectarines
    Nectarines is a sensual experience.
    Sunday 1am-2am
  • Current & Controversial
    Amber and James tackle the latest in controversial topics, offering both sides of each story
    Friday 1am-2am
  • Still Untitled
    Join us each week for great music along with original features and the occasional song you'd probably forgotten about until now... With special guests and a classic scrape or two, be sure to tune in!
    Friday 12-1pm
  • The Late Night Rock Show
    An hour long bombardment of everything rock-related. There'll be some metal in there too. And probably some indie tunes, some classics, and some weird-sounding stuff you don't even know exists yet. Sounds good? Tune in.
    Friday 4am-5am
  • the breakfast club
    Tune into Forge Radio every Friday to start you're weekend off early! Join Will and guests in the studio for some great tunes, laughs and all around good time.
    Friday 9am-10am
  • The Graveyard Shift with Joe and Pat
    Friday 11am-12pm
  • the hour
    Forge Radio's Flagship show hosted by Nicole special guests on Friday!
    Friday 1pm - 2pm
  • talk of the tabloids
    A current affairs quiz show which discusses the news you probably weren't expecting. Disclaimer: the reason you might not have been expecting some of it may well be that is just isn't true. It will be the task of each weeks guest(s) to separate truth from falsity, as we go through the week's most unexpected news stories.
    fridayy 2pm-3pm
  • Dan Bridge Pub Quiz
    friday 3pm-4pm
  • Eureka!
    monday 12am-1am
  • Real Ales of San Francisco
    Are there any improvements that could still have been made to the development chosen above and what lessons can be learnt?
    Monday 1am-2am
  • nerd up
    Monday 2am-3am
  • Good Vibes
    monday 10am-11am
  • good morning sheffield
    Monday 11am-12pm
  • the hour
    Forge Radio's Flagship show hosted by Mimi and Nial every Monday
    Monday 1pm-2pm
  • All For One
    monday 2pm-3pm
  • afternoon on forge
    Spend you Monday afternoon with Nick and a guest as they both play "oops, did I just say that?", "Am I a Liar?" and a feature of the week. A show full of entertainment, chat and music. What not to love?
    monday 3pm-4pm
  • From A Very Sunny Place I Ended Up Here
    Ben and Zuzana came in rescue. To hear the whole story of our adventure in the seven hills city tune in every Monday at 4 pm. Good music, weekly Features and a bit of not really serious chat
    Monday 4-5pm
  • thats entertainment
    A look at all the latest Showbiz news and gossip and reviews of the week's films and television. All brought to you by Forge Radio News
    Monday 5pm-6pm
  • Tune Up with Ash and Ben
    Tune Up with Ash and Ben is back for it's second year, and it's better than ever. With regular feature, 'The Accent Challenge', and some of the best music around (normally playing indie/alternative), Tune Up with Ash and Ben is a weekly essential. Contact the guys during the show on twitter via @tuneupforge to join in with their weird and wonderful discussions.
    Monday 6pm-7pm
  • New Music Mondays
    The latest releases from bright new things to the juggernauts of music. Featuring interviews and sessions with the hottest acts right now, it's your weekly dose of new music.
    Monday 7pm-8pm
  • Alex and Benjy's Dead Petz
    Like a slab of butter that is melting in the sun the presence melts away now that you and we are one. We are Alex and Benjy's Dead Petz, and new music is our butter.
    Monday 8pm-9pm
  • Spit!
    Passions, tensions and impressions feature regularly in this music orientated, high quality non-content hour of 'radio'.
    monday 9pm-10pm
  • Afternoon Delight
    A show to play a wide range of alternative and indie music from the mainstream to songs you may not have heard and allow you to explore the world of indie songs and artists.
    Friday 4pm-5pm
  • news desk
    A weekly news based show, brought to you by Forge Radio News, full of discussions and interviews from Sheffield and the rest of the country
    Friday 5pm-6pm
  • replacement bus service
    Climb aboard for the best new and classic records in indie, alternative, ambient, post-rock, and more, with a smattering of just-about coherent 'chat'.
    Monday 11pm-12am
  • Earth Wind and political fire
    Each week, I'll be exploring a different musical legend and their best tracks and from the 1950s to today.
    Tuesday 1am-2am
  • Universal Language
    Music with Ed Robinson
    Tuesday 2am-3am
  • happy hour
    Laugh along with Happy Hour, hosted by Sam Page and Dan Croft. This show includes various games designed to cheer up your life, as well as general chat and some banging tunes
    tuesday 9am-10am
  • down with the crumpets
    A quirky take on your morning tea and toast. Music and chat to get you through to lunch!
    Tuesday 10am-11am
  • biscuit barrel
    Tuesday 11am-12pm
  • Just Joshing
    Join Josh Shreeve and Josh Peachey every week for your dose of ridiculous features, puns galore and pathetic news which never made the headlines. Tweet us @JustJoshingShow
    Tuesday 1pm-2pm
  • Unwind
    Tuesday 2pm-3pm
  • Colin Hutchings
    Tuesday 4pm-5pm
  • the sound of
    Thursday 1am-2am
  • alarm clock
    Simple Morning show just to brighten up the morning with upbeat music and occasional infrequent banter
    Thursday 9am-10am
  • That Monday Feeling
    Bringing you back down to earth on a Friday afternoon. Hugh Dickinson and guests take you through the things that have annoyed them this week, in the Room 101 style show.
    Thursday 11am-12pm
  • finlay on forge
    It will be only upbeat music to get the week started, mix of the playlist songs and a selection of my own favourite songs around at the moment. tweet @woahitsfinlay
    Thursday 1pm-2pm
  • Sports Desk
    Discussing all of the week's sporting headlines, Forge Radio's Sports Team bring you Sport Desk
    tuesday 5pm-6pm
  • Funkysoulpocalypse Theme Hour
    Join us for a journey through the funky Armageddon. Each week we'll play a smorgasbord of genre-bending, apocalypse-defying, thematically-linked tune-age.
    Tuesday 6pm-7pm
  • In the Mood
    Wednesday 2am-3am
  • wake up!
    The perfect show to help you wake up on a Wednesday morning and get you through the mid-week blues. Tune in for fab tunes, cheery chit-chat and Wednesday themed fun.
    Wednesday 9am-10am
  • Pop culture dose
    Wednesday 10am-11am
  • stubbsy's shoutout
    Wednesday 11am-12pm
  • Tom Merrit
    Wednesday 12pm-1pm
  • getho and kempo
    Wednesday 1pm-2pm
  • Eclectic mix
    Jamie supplies the perfect mix of chilled out and relaxed music to ease you through that midweek hump
    Tuesday 7pm-8pm
  • Fangirl's Hour
    Maddy Barber & Laura Edwards discuss the latest releases and all the goings on in pop culture. Keeping on top of all the best gigs in Sheffield, we will give regular reviews on the good, the bad and the ugly of the local music scene and hopefully offer recommendations on ones to watch.
    Tuesday 8pm-9pm
  • Sonic Youths
    Sonic Youths delves into history of youth cultures and music movements over the last 60 or so years, focusing on one particular topic each week
    Tuesday 9pm-10pm
  • A Flam A Flay
    The show is going to be a chat about life in a student house, and the journey through adolescence into adulthood
    Tuesday 10pm-11pm
  • Will Fisher
    Wednesday 2pm-3pm
  • Non Stop Pop
    The radio show hosted by Zak & Becky, guaranteed to get in you in a feel good mood with lots of pop tunes chosen by yours truly and a weekly quiz, you're sure to be entertained whether that involves laughing at us or with us, you decide
    Wednesday 3pm-4pm
  • Maise Green
    Wednesday 4pm-5pm
  • the hour
    Forge Radio's Flagship show hosted by Sam and special guests every Wednesday
    wednesday 5pm-6pm
  • a little bit posh
    Charlie and Leo chatting about everything and anything.
    Wednesday 6pm-7pm
  • The ROAR Show
    With match reports and interviews from all our BUCS teams far and wide in Sheffield, The Roar Show is the highlight of Wednesday nights on Forge Radio
    Wednesday 7pm-8pm
  • God is Good
    God Is In The Radio is an exploration of music. I'll be your guide, Joe Chivers, taking you from the Mojave Desert to 1960s Detroit and everywhere in between in time and space. Keep it locked, keep it loaded, keep loving music.
    tuesday 11pm-12am
  • Transmission
    Wednesday 8pm-9pm
  • And Now For Something
    Completely Different
    And Now For Something Completely Different is a radio show that plays all the alternative music you wish played more often. With everything from Jazz to Rock N Roll, from the swinging 60s to the grunging 90s, and packed with fun quizzes, we aim make each week and each song, different.
    Wednesday 9pm-10pm
  • the drop
    This is The Drop..... where we play everything thats anything, from Techno to Grime to RnB. With themed shows every week, make sure you join your hosts Samet Uysal and Liam Cox every Wednesday @ 10pm live on FORGE RADIO. Expect an hour of great music, bizarre news and reviews of nights out in Sheffield.
    wednesday 10pm-11pm
  • soul jam warm up show
    Wednesday 11pm-12am
  • in review
    An exciting satirical sports show which tests the sporting knowledge, argumentative skill and wit of two pairs as they battle it out to claim bragging rights and win as many points as possible. Hosted by Tim Adams @InReview10
    Thursday 4pm-5pm
  • shuffle cubed
    Shuffle Cubed, every Thursday 5-6pm on Forge Radio, your university soundtrack! A show by Emily, Louise and Matt, based around a love of music and 3 big iTunes accounts. Every week we shuffle our phones and see what comes up, featuring lots of nostalgic tunes and lightheaded chat.
    Thursday 5pm-6pm
  • The 45
    Thursday 6pm-7pm
  • Thursday Night Review
    Thursday 7pm-8pm
  • Fresh Vibes
    Thursday 8pm-9pm
  • The sound of
    Thursday 1am-2am
  • Jonny Davis
    Music really matters and it always has. For one hour I'll be bringing you music from beyond the neutral zone, music from the other-side of boredom and background noise, music that matters and means something from across space, time and genres, usually with a loose 'theme' each week. Dedicated to the Friday night staying-in crowd, tune in and enjoy a midnight hour of sonic exploration.
    Thursday 8pm-9pm
  • Josh and Samuel in the Morning
    A weekly themed music show bringing you the least relevant tunes you'll find on radio
    Thursday 10pm-11pm
  • Truant Sound Presents
    Thursday 11pm-12am
  • jumpers for goalposts
    A weekly show where we discuss all things football and preview the weekend’s action. More importantly, we are also the unofficial Garth Crooks fan club. Presented by Siddharth Solanki ft Dan Croft and Sam Fenton tweet @JFGForge
    Saturday 12am-1am
  • Getho and Kempo: Movies and Music
    Saturday 1am-2am
  • LGBT Arts
    Saturday 9am-10am
  • This Must Be The Place
    saturday 10am-11am
  • Last Week Next Week
    It's basically Fighting Talk. 3 Guests answer questions based on Sport, Entertainment and News in a (hopefully) funny way.
    Friday 6pm-7pm
  • Skulls & Roses
    From hot topics on celebrity news to real life drama with a splash of indie tunes. This show lets you know what's brewing in Hollywood and I'll be the one telling you what I think of it all with no twists or turns, just pure honesty. So if you want to be entertained why not listen in as I will also be reviewing (sometimes ranting about) songs, albums, tv...
    Saturday 11am-12pm
  • Mellow Fellow's Channel Orange
    Find Harry, Josh and Tom whistling down the wind as they present their finest and most favourite findings, top tips and remarks from the world of Sheffield student life, supported by only the best rock, pop and electronic music. We'll do some games and that, too, which should be proper fun like. Side effects may include whole-hearted family entertainment.
    Saturday 12pm-1pm
  • Not news you were expecting
    Friday 7pm-8pm
  • the freak zone
    Friday 8pm-9pm
  • DJSoc In The Mix
    DJSoc In The Mix on Forge Radio! Your Friday night soundtrack, sorted… Hosted by DJSoc stalwarts Elio and Frankie, each week a new society member steps up to the decks to showcase the genre of their choice! Expect the best and widest diversity in underground dance and electronic music. Everything from deep house, electro, progressive and trance through to techno, breaks and drum & bass… It’s Forge Radio’s...
    Friday 9pm-10pm
  • New Wave
    New Wave is all about throwing things back to the 80s. In particular this show focuses on new wave and synthpop music, important staples of the time. Expect all your favourite hits and more than one that you have never heard of before.
    Friday 10pm-11pm
  • reggae rumble
    Friday 11pm-12am
  • Now You Know
    Saturday 1pm-2pm
  • Redcoat fm
    Saturday 3pm-4pm
  • The Guest Hour
    Interested in having a one off show for yourself or your society? e-mail our Head of Daytime!
    Saturday 7pm-8pm
  • Feathers From The Oriental
    This is a Chinese students talk show, which has 3 parts. News, Funny talk show, and Music guests interview. Each time, we will find someone around Sheffield to share their story and life in Sheffield as an international student. We have a very open program style, and open mind into any talk show style.
    Saturday 8pm-9pm
  • Spleodar
    Saturday 9pm-10pm
  • power hour
    Tune into Power Hour with our flashback specials, themed weeks and plenty of belters and banter, not to mention our segment 'Power to the People' to request your fave tunes!
    Sunday 2am-3am
  • the section
    The Section - The home of hip hop, r&b and grime on Forge Radio - with Adam Richmond Twitter @adam_richmond
    Sunday 1pm-2pm
  • You Want It Darker
    "You Want it Darker" is a show on Saturday nights about music mainly with musical dreamscapes and various genres with one thing in common: it's a little bit darker
    Saturday 11pm-12am
  • Shooting the Breeze
    A chilled-out musical hour to help soothe your hangover, ease your troubled mind, and generally enhance your Sunday
    Sunday 2pm-3pm
  • The SRA Chart Show
    The UK's National Student Radio Chart Show.
    Sunday 3pm-5pm
  • Pearl and Dan
    Sunday 5pm-6pm
  • The Jukebox
    Playing eclectic mix of songs from various decades and genres
    Sunday 6pm-7pm
  • SUPAS on Forge
    Sheffield University Performing Arts Society's very own radio hour of non-stop musical theatre. We cover all the latest SUPAS news, from discussing all our projects to getting you excited about our socials, we guarantee you'll end your week feeling sufficiently musical. Presented by Will Prosser and featuring weekly guests from within the society, be sure not to miss this hour of banger after banger from all of your favourite...
    Sunday 7pm-8pm
  • twilight zone
    Waste an evening away with two vaguely Liverpudlian gentlemen playing music within the genre of 'Jazz' (in the broadest sense) and discussing the great mysteries of human existence. Doesn't even sound exciting and it's still not as exciting as it sounds.
    sunday 8pm-9pm
  • Seven Hills Rock on forge
    A show to pioneer the best of rock, metal and alternative music throughout the decades. Whilst joining forces with the University's Rock Society we aim to provide an hour of top notch tunes and special guests. Fans of Sheffield's very own Corp Friday and Saturday nights should definitely tune in!
    Sunday 10pm-11pm