• Musical Masters
    Each week, I'll be exploring a different musical legend and their best tracks and from the 1950s to today.
    Monday 1am-2am
  • Kickstart
    Your Kickstart to the week - with Harriet. A fun show to help you get out of bed on those dreary Monday mornings.
    Monday 9am-10am
  • Monday Regression Sessions
    Monday Regression Sessions is a morning radio show full of fab music and chill vibes. Like our page to send us music and/or discussion requests!
    Monday 10am-11am
  • Bangers and Mash
    Bangers and Mash show is a fun chatty show focusing around a different theme for discussion each week. Steph and Chloe compete in head to head challenges each week which all listeners are encouraged to get involved in.
    Monday 11am-12pm
  • Finlay on Forge
    It will be only upbeat music to get the week started, mix of the playlist songs and a selection of my own favourite songs around at the moment.
    Monday 12pm-1pm
  • Bellkin
    Playing a good range of tunes and discussing the topics that no one is talking about. Many new features lined up for your ears
    Monday 1pm-2pm
  • Late Breakfast
    Because the early bird didn't always catch the worm. Forge Radio's Flagship: LIVE on Forge Radio from 2pm every single bloomin' weekday.
    Weekdays 2pm-3pm
  • Woop Woop
    Bethy and Ffion are here to get you through those Monday blues. Bringing you the latest hits, indie anthems and the occasional cheesy pop song, along with our features Jam Packed, Switch It Up and Mastermind, expect competition and plenty of laughs.
    Monday 4pm-5pm
  • Sports Desk
    Discussing all of the week's sporting headlines, Forge Radio's Sports Team bring you Sport Desk
    Monday 5pm-6pm
  • Tune Up with Ash and Ben
    Tune Up with Ash and Ben is back for it's second year, and it's better than ever. With regular feature, 'The Accent Challenge', and some of the best music around (normally playing indie/alternative), Tune Up with Ash and Ben is a weekly essential. Contact the guys during the show on twitter via @tuneupforge to join in with their weird and wonderful discussions.
    Monday 6pm-7pm
  • New Music Mondays
    The latest releases from bright new things to the juggernauts of music. Featuring interviews and sessions with the hottest acts right now, it's your weekly dose of new music.
    Monday 7pm-8pm
  • Alex and Benjy's Dead Petz
    Like a slab of butter that is melting in the sun the presence melts away now that you and we are one. We are Alex and Benjy's Dead Petz, and new music is our butter.
    Monday 8pm-9pm
  • The Juice Box
    The Juicebox - a jukebox but juicier.
    Monday 9pm-10pm
  • The Full Labazte
    Monday 10pm-11pm
  • Dank Standards
    From the projects of Chicago to the Nomadic camps of Mali, Dank Standards takes you on a journey every Monday night at 11 through the language and lands of beat.
    Monday 11pm-12am
  • Help Is On The Way
    Tuesday 12am-1am
  • Soul For The Sleepless
    Tuesday 1am-2am
  • The Slice
    Three best friends who live together presenting a feel good show with a funky twist and share a love for pizza (well all food). We will be discussing anything and everything, from latest news to answering the most important questions about each other, such as 'if you were a dog you would be...'. The show will basically be an hour long insight of our daily life of laughing, eating...
    Tuesday 10am-11am
  • Rugby Round Up
    Tuesday 11am-12pm
  • Ellis Hour
    Tuesday 12pm-1pm
  • The View
    Light hearted reviews of TV, film, music and all the arts inbetween. Will have a new theme each week and will give up to date news on any exciting new shows that are on their way.
    Tuesday 1pm-2pm
  • Late Breakfast
    Because the early bird didn't always catch the worm. Forge Radio's Flagship: LIVE on Forge Radio from 2pm every single bloomin' weekday.
    Weekdays 2pm-3pm
  • Non Stop Pop
    Returning for a second year, Zak brings you Non Stop Pop, a show all about the newest pop hits. Bringing back memories with the 'Throwback of the Week', and giving you a preview of some pop albums by playing a couple of tracks off the 'Album of the Week'. Make sure you Tune in to satisfy all your pop needs!
    Tuesday 3pm-4pm
  • The Working Title Experience
    Tuesday 4pm-5pm
  • On The Spot
    Tuesday 5pm-6pm
  • Eclectic Feel
    Jamie and Izzy supply the perfect mix of chilled out and relaxed music to ease you through that midweek hump
    Tuesday 6pm-7pm
  • Lost In Music
    Emily supplies a mix of the very best tunes from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Each week exploring a different period in music, featuring lots of soul, jazz and delving back in time to dig out some lost gems.
    Tuesday 7pm-8pm
  • The Tuesday Club Warmup Show
    Tuesday 8pm-9pm
  • Ego Tripping
    Weekly musical explorations into the genres of Indie, Rock, maybe a little jazz with Ashley Pridgeon. From Bowie to Beirut, Pavement to Pulp - expect an hour of lovingly, thoughtfully chosen music. Participate in the weekly quizzes and other features!
    Tuesday 9pm-10pm
  • A Flam A Flay
    The show is going to be a chat about life in a student house, and the journey through adolescence into adulthood
    Tuesday 10pm-11pm
  • Classic Sam and Lewis
    Mess Around
    A weekly themed music show bringing you the least relevant tunes you'll find on radio
    Tuesday 11pm-12am
  • Sista Sista
    Wednesday 12am-1am
  • Power Hour
    From the Wombats to Kygo, to chill out or get through an essay, this show will help motivate you! With segments including Power to the People where your power anthem could be played on air.
    Wednesday 1am-2am
  • Ben & Ed Present Chips 'n' Ravey
    Wednesday 2am-3am
  • Down With The Crumpets
    A quirky take on your morning tea and toast. Music and chat to get you through to lunch!
    Wednesday 10am-11am
  • Heather and Fliss Present:
    McFlawrie’s Drivethru
    GETTING YOU THRU THE DAY with the newest pop releases, scrutinising the latest music videos, and keeping you up to date with the finest fashion and food fads right now. Our weekly studio games challenge our special guests who compete to win the title of 'McFlawrie's fastest drivethru'. Of course, listeners can play at home too, tune in, belt up, and enjoy the ride.
    Wednesday 12pm-1am
  • Charlie's Chat
    Charlie, chatting about everything and anything.
    Wednesday 1pm-2pm
  • Late Breakfast
    Because the early bird didn't always catch the worm. Forge Radio's Flagship: LIVE on Forge Radio from 2pm every single bloomin' weekday.
    Weekdays 2pm-3pm
  • Just Joshing
    Wednesday 3pm-4pm
  • That's Entertainment
    A look at all the latest Showbiz news and gossip and reviews of the week's films and television. All brought to you by Forge Radio News
    Wednesday 4pm-5pm
  • Hike Time
    Forge Radio's very own 'drive' time show specialised to Sheffield's hilly climate. Get up to date with the day's University news, sport and entertainment. Inspired by the Seven Hills of Sheffield, can we name seven ... dwarfs, deadly sins, wonders of the world? Will you rank above or below the weeks guest? We welcome guest film expert to provide reviews of the weekend Film Unit showings.
    Wednesday 5pm-6pm
  • Lose Yourself In A Northern Town
    Soft remixes, covers and mash-ups, reworking those songs we all know and love. That guilty pleasure never sounded better.
    Wednesday 6pm-7pm
  • The ROAR Show
    With match reports and interviews from all our BUCS teams far and wide in Sheffield, The Roar Show is the highlight of Wednesday nights on Forge Radio
    Wednesday 7pm-8pm
  • Pint of Obscurity
    Our show comprises of a variety of musical genres such as rock, pop, reggae...all sorts really (hence the name). We have a few features such as a Day in History, where we say interesting things that happen on the particular date through history and other fun games such as quizzes and competitions between the three of us.
    Wednesday 8pm-9pm
  • And Now For Something
    Completely Different
    And Now For Something Completely Different is a radio show that plays all the alternative music you wish played more often. With everything from Jazz to Rock N Roll, from the swinging 60s to the grunging 90s, and packed with fun quizzes, we aim make each week and each song, different.
    Wednesday 9pm-10pm
  • Background Noise
    The weekly house and techno show with a difference, taking you from mellow African drum based house tracks to deep dark industrial techno. I'll be choosing my favourite tunes from podcasts and DJ sets to share with you. Whether you're going out or staying in to work, let this music just sink in to the background.
    Wednesday 10pm-11pm
  • Evening Jazz with Joe and Cam
    Waste an evening away with two vaguely Liverpudlian gentlemen playing music within the genre of 'Jazz' (in the broadest sense) and discussing the great mysteries of human existence. Doesn't even sound exciting and it's still not as exciting as it sounds.
    Wednesday 11pm-12am
  • Little And Large
    Thursday 12am-1am
  • Football Weekly
    The football preview show of the Politics Society
    Thursday 1am-2am
  • Left Of The Dial
    Predominantly alternative rock from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's with a bit of northern soul, synth pop, acid house and brand new music thrown in for good measure.
    Thursday 2am-3am
  • Alarm Clock
    Simple Morning show just to brighten up the morning with upbeat music and occasional infrequent banter
    Thursday 9am-10am
  • The Naveed Show
    Thursday 12pm-1pm
  • Late Breakfast
    Because the early bird didn't always catch the worm. Forge Radio's Flagship: LIVE on Forge Radio from 2pm every single bloomin' weekday.
    Weekdays 2pm-3pm
  • All For One
    Thursday 3pm-4pm
  • If I Could Turn Back Time
    Lizzie and Josh are back for another year of laughs and fun.
    Thursday 4pm-5pm
  • Last Week Next Week
    It's basically Fighting Talk. 3 Guests answer questions based on Sport, Entertainment and News in a (hopefully) funny way.
    Thursday 5pm-6pm
  • The Wrong Show
    Find Harry, Josh and Tom whistling down the wind as they present their finest and most favourite findings, top tips and remarks from the world of Sheffield student life, supported by only the best rock, pop and electronic music. We'll do some games and that, too, which should be proper fun like. Side effects may include whole-hearted family entertainment.
    Thursday 6pm-7pm
  • The Playlist That Heaven Built
    The playlist that heaven built is all about the music - we bring tunes from all over the world in the context of a different theme. Past themes have included favourite producers, music of different genres and dream festival line up. Each theme brings about unique and interesting talking points but in the end the music is what we're about.
    Thursday 7pm-8pm
  • Get Folked!
    'Get Folked!' is your place to go when you feel you need a good dosage of witty repartee, interspersed with some of your favourite folk music. And who knows? We may even treat you to something which can be defined as 'vaguely intelligent', so watch (or rather listen) this space!
    Thursday 8pm-9pm
  • Sheffield Country Club
    A show playing the best of country and western music from across the decades, from it's earliest days as commercial music in the 1930s and 40s, through to the very latest releases. The show features well known names such as Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson, as well as legends that have never made it in the UK but are huge in the US, and the newest artists currently making...
    Thursday 9pm-10pm
  • The Drop
    Thursday 10pm-11pm
  • Neutral Zone
    Music really matters and it always has. For one hour I'll be bringing you music from beyond the neutral zone, music from the other-side of boredom and background noise, music that matters and means something from across space, time and genres, usually with a loose 'theme' each week. Dedicated to the Friday night staying-in crowd, tune in and enjoy a midnight hour of sonic exploration.
    Thursday 11pm-12am
  • God Is In The Radio
    God Is In The Radio is an exploration of music. I'll be your guide, Joe Chivers, taking you from the Mojave Desert to 1960s Detroit and everywhere in between in time and space. Keep it locked, keep it loaded, keep loving music.
    Friday 12am-1am
  • Current & Controversial
    Amber and James tackle the latest in controversial topics, offering both sides of each story
    Friday 1am-2am
  • The A.M. Hour
    Hosted by Tom Mounfield, 'The A.M. Hour' features a variety of tracks, from a wide range of electronic genres including house, trance, and EDM. The show will also feature less well known electronically produced tracks, as well as a mixture of instrumental and vocal tracks, spanning a range of eras.
    Friday 2am-3am
  • It's The Noughties Baby
    Friday 3am-4am
  • The Last Push
    We all know that by the end of the week, it can be a struggle to get up and go! Well fear not fellow student, 'The Last Push' is here to help you rise and shine in style. Playing a range of great, feel good music, interjected with chirpy conversation, there is no better way to start the day!
    Friday 9am-10am
  • Happy Hour
    Laugh along with the Happy Hour hosted by Sam Page. This show includes various games designed to cheer up your life. One feature 'Was That Not Me', where a weird story or fact is told and you must work out whether this happened to someone at Forge or whether it was a weird story from the news, and of course if the answer is wrong there will be a...
    Friday 11am-12pm
  • That Monday Feeling
    Bringing you back down to earth on a Friday afternoon. Hugh Dickinson and guests take you through the things that have annoyed them this week, in the Room 101 style show.
    Friday 12pm-1pm
  • Gee, What's Up?
    Gee What's Up is your truly feel-good show. Join Gee for Lunch in the studio as she plays the best tunes starting your weekend in the right way possible!
    Friday 1pm-2pm
  • Late Breakfast
    Because the early bird didn't always catch the worm. Forge Radio's Flagship: LIVE on Forge Radio from 2pm every single bloomin' weekday.
    Weekdays 2pm-3pm
  • Lost In Translation
    Three guys, great tunes and and a lot of rubbish chatted in between
    Friday 3pm-4pm
  • A Sit Down With Sam
    A serious attempt at not being very serious. The show's aim is purely to entertain and will include trivia, music through the years, games and presenter-listener participation. Keep an eye out for short comedy sketches that will hopefully be improved and incorporated over time!
    Friday 4pm-5pm
  • News Desk
    A weekly news based show, brought to you by Forge Radio News, full of discussions and interviews from Sheffield and the rest of the country
    Friday 5pm-6pm
  • Castaway
    Each week, Luke is joined by a special guest to go through what music would keep them company if they ended up in the same situation as Tom Hanks' character in the film, Cast Away.
    Friday 6pm-7pm
  • From The Record Room
    When people ask me what kind of music do you like I always answer "a bit of everything". My music collection wasn't really mine for a long time. With my Dad's record collection stowed away in the attic, we would wait until Mum left, then open up the attic hatch, I'd get in the bath and he'd go into the attic and play me music. My uncle got...
    Friday 7pm-8pm
  • Forge Weekender
    Forge Radio’s flagship dance show returns to Friday night! Each week Forge Weekender brings you the best dance tunes to warm you up for the weekend, live and in the mix! Expect new dance anthems blended with some of the hottest underground cuts from all corners of electronic music. Hear our ‘Forge Weekender Anthem’ new tune, reminisce with the ‘Weekend Rewind’ classic track, and play our ‘MixMash’ feature...
    Friday 8pm-9pm
  • DJSoc In The Mix
    DJSoc In The Mix on Forge Radio! Your Friday night soundtrack, sorted… Hosted by DJSoc stalwarts Elio and Frankie, each week a new society member steps up to the decks to showcase the genre of their choice! Expect the best and widest diversity in underground dance and electronic music. Everything from deep house, electro, progressive and trance through to techno, breaks and drum & bass… It’s Forge Radio’s...
    Friday 9pm-10pm
  • The Other Sessions
    A show to play a wide range of alternative and indie music from the mainstream to songs you may not have heard and allow you to explore the world of indie songs and artists.
    Friday 10pm-11pm
  • Sounds From Around
    Friday 11pm-12am
  • Sound From... With Nick
    Saturday 12am-1am
  • Nordic Noise
    This show will introduce you to new pop/rock/indie music from Scandinavia and will show you that we're not all called Sven and we don't eat fish and drink oil for dinner (most days anyway). Expect everything from Kygo, Zara Larsson, Highasakite and Disaster of the Universe. You might even learn some Norwegian slang which will give you mad street credz when you come visit (bring a scarf, it's -18...
    Saturday 1am-2am
  • Jumpers For Goalposts
    Saturday 2am-3am
  • The Chris and Dave Show
    Chris and Dave talk you through everything, from the latest deals in the union shop to whats been going round campus. Newsbites included.
    Saturday 9am-10am
  • Parkas and Zoot Suits
    Enjoy music from the back catalogue of many great bands such as Beatles, Oasis, The Who, Jimi Henrdix Experience, Kinks & Happy Mondays to name but a few - Parkas and Zoot Suits will showcase some of the most influential artists, albums and tracks from the previous centenary which have inspired and continue to inspire many popular groups today.
    Saturday 10am-11am
  • The Long Hour
    Saturday 11am-12pm
  • Half Hour Hangover
    Musical therapy to ease you into the weekend, Prash and Dan guide you through a selection of the best songs to soothe your ears and shake off that hangover.
    Saturday 12pm-1pm
  • The Jake and James Show
    The award-winning Jake and James Show returns to Forge Radio promising a fun filled hour of banging tunes, banter, clever witticisms and hilarious anecdotes…or at least something resembling talking, GUARANTEED. If you like everything from Cher to Kanye West and Foals to Taylor Swift, we are the guys for you. Including your new favourite features which regularly change seemingly at random, The Jake and James Show is set to...
    Saturday 1pm-2pm
  • The Echo
    The Echo is bouncing back again to your ears this year. Tune in for a seamless mix of the best of the charts to eclectic artists left, right and anywhere in between. Not afraid to hand over the power to the people, with Top Ten Lists spread throughout the year it will come down to you to pick what Sheffield likes to listen to. If you like a bit...
    Saturday 2pm-3pm
  • Skulls & Roses
    From hot topics on celebrity news to real life drama with a splash of indie tunes. This show lets you know what's brewing in Hollywood and I'll be the one telling you what I think of it all with no twists or turns, just pure honesty. So if you want to be entertained why not listen in as I will also be reviewing (sometimes ranting about) songs, albums, tv...
    Saturday 3pm-4pm
  • Prime-Time Paddle Steamer Lock In
    A painfully intense music show with light hearted features and games. We'll be your musical riverboat tour guides, meandering through the cosmic sprawl of genres, encompassing musical discovery, all the hits and of course, Seal. Join us on this journey of self exploration, all presented by two chaps you'd be happy to introduce to the grandparents. All aboard...
    Saturday 4pm-5pm
  • Highs & Lowes
    Saturday 5pm-6pm
  • Funk Up Your Night
    An hour of the grooviest funk and soul records known to man. Guaranteed to funk you up ready for the weekend.
    Saturday 6pm-7pm
  • The Guest Hour
    Interested in having a one off show for yourself or your society? e-mail our Head of Daytime!
    Saturday 7pm-8pm
  • Manic Digression
    Sunday 1am-2am
  • Pop Tart Up Your Weekend
    Trust Jamie to Tart Up Your Weekend with the best in chart and dance. Whether you're heading down to Pop Tarts at the Students' Union, or you're off out on other adventures, let Forge Radio be your soundtrack.
    Saturday 8pm-9pm
  • Time Machine
    Join two Matthews, as they journey through time. Each week you'll be warped back to a year in music. Anywhere from the fifties to the noughties; we'll be featuring classics and undiscovered gems.
    Saturday 9pm-10pm
  • Manic Digression
    Sunday 1am-2am
  • Eureka
    Sunday 10am-11am
  • Have I Got Views For You
    Join Harry, Murray and Leo, three students - one History, one Politics, one Philosophy - providing both an optimistic and cynical take on the week's news (and how it has been reported) as well as 'Can You Defend It?', our regular segment where we debate issues as old as time. Although the world of current events can be a depressing place we'll remind you how its not all doom...
    Sunday 11am-12pm
  • Alphabet Soup
    Each week will be a battle of the playlists featuring music from a different letter of the alphabet (week1=A/week 2=B). There will be a guest on who will decide who wins the playlist every week.
    Sunday 12pm-1pm
  • Alternative Take
    Sunday 1pm-2pm
  • Rhapsody of Realities Talk Show
    Reviewing the worlds most read daily devotional, Rhapsody Of Realities.We also host several readers of the book on our show to share their experience so far. We also play the latest gospel tracks that will inspire you to greater heights. You will also get the chance to listen to teachings from one of the world most renowned Teachers. Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome.
    Sunday 2pm-3pm
  • The SRA Chart Show
    The UK's National Student Radio Chart Show.
    Sunday 3pm-5pm
  • The Evening Show With Will
    Sunday 5pm-6pm
  • Radio Rock
    A regular rock show with a twist of metal, the show mentions the latest rock (and metal) gigs around the country, focusing especially on Sheffield as well as giving you the latest and best rock songs.
    Sunday 6pm-7pm
  • SUPAS on Forge
    We are Sheffield University Performing Arts Society (SUPAS) and we specialize in musical theatre, putting together big musicals as well as other smaller projects and charity events throughout the year. Presented by David Snelling, tune in for non stop romper stompers from your favourite shows! We'll discuss all things theatre, as well as having a plethora of guests in the studio putting their musical knowledge to the test......
    Sunday 7pm-8pm
  • Breakfast Soul
    Breakfast Soul is the ultimate way to start your day. Whether you’re hungover or have a busy day ahead (even both!) this is the show for you. Covering classic to the modern soul music, with a sprinkle rock, blues, jazz, funk and disco. With guest hosts and features Breakfast Soul has something for you. Enjoy!
    Sunday 8pm-9pm
  • Feathers From The East
    This is a Chinese students talk show, which has 3 parts. News, Funny talk show, and Music guests interview. Each time, we will find someone around Sheffield to share their story and life in Sheffield as an international student. We have a very open program style, and open mind into any talk show style.
    Sunday 9pm-10pm
  • Small Ideas
    Radio show of the University's very own Alternative Music Society! Underneath the ominous banner of 'alternative music' we attempt to cram everything wild, weird and wonderful from the whole musical spectrum, so don't be afraid to get involved. Broadcasts keep you up to date with all our events; whether that be putting on some amazing artist from a far flung corner of the world or sitting down to discuss...
    Sunday 10pm-11pm
  • Rock Forge
    A show to pioneer the best of rock, metal and alternative music throughout the decades. Whilst joining forces with the University's Rock Society we aim to provide an hour of top notch tunes and special guests. Fans of Sheffield's very own Corp Friday and Saturday nights should definitely tune in!
    Sunday 11pm-12am