DVD Review: The Sex and the City Movie

DVD Review: The Sex and the City Movie

Watching ‘Sex and the City: The Movie’ in the cinema I loved it. Having seen every single episode, (bar obviously Season One as the ‘talk to the camera’ concept was in full swing and nothing short of horrendous) I was thrilled to see my favourite characters again, living out the story after the happily ever afters’ of Season Six. And so when the DVD came out I jumped at the chance to add it to my collection and happily sat down with a cup of tea to watch it again.

However, in the small screen I started to notice certain things; Steve had become a baby and seemed to have lost his ability to act; Charlottes’ character has been reduced the basics of her personality, she was prudish in a two-dimensional way and Samantha was simply a sex fiend without the hidden substance that made you love her anyway. I was disappointed, and to use some Carrie rhetoric, I couldn’t help but wonder what had made this film so great to watch in the cinema yet become so pitiful on the smaller screen. It made me sad to say the least when I realised how bad the film actually was in fact wasn’t my imagination. But you overlook this minor detail because it’s ‘Sex and the City’. It provides the endings avid viewers of the show wanted for their characters and another glimpse at the fashion they wanted for themselves.

Other than the overtly sexual storylines the series was watched for its fashion. I can still pop in a disk from Season Two and love the Manolos she wears and the Fendi she covets because they are timeless. They are timeless exactly like the issues the show explores, however many people may sneer that woman are simply not like Carrie or Miranda, I can assure you those characters embody more of their viewing public that many will care to admit. They have explored in the series and to a lesser extent in the movie, everything a woman could possibly feel and possibly say and they do it with style. This is why this movie, however awful, will continue to be bought on DVD and why I, among thousands of others will continue to watch it year after year in our pyjamas, dreaming of our Mr Big and the shoes he will buy us.


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