The X-Factor: Week 7: The Movies

Only six contestants are left in this week’s episode. The theme is ‘a night at the movies’, and I think I would have preferred a night at the movies. Frankie and Kitty may have been irritating, but at least they brought a bit of entertainment to the programme. Now left with six of the least exciting contestants, I’m genuinely struggling to find things to say about them.

One of the best parts of the show has to be Dermot’s weekly entrance dancing alongside a group of gorgeous women, his dance moves are probably as good as Gary Barlow’s.

One of the big surprises of the show was the revelation that all the contestants are definitely on the X Factor tour. Is this supposed to be shocking? Running out of material to show I think…

Craig Colton’s performance of ‘Licence to Kill’ by Gladys Knight was criticised by Louis for being a bad song choice. However, Louis’ only job is now to criticise with no contestants left – losing contestants seems to be a yearly ritual for Louis.

Janet Devlin had the cheery song ‘Kiss Me’ by Sixpence None the Richer, which proved to be better than last week, followed by Amelia Lily who made sure to continue her comeback with ‘Think’ by Aretha Franklin. She once again proved herself to be better than the other two girls in her category, although I’d like to ask whoever dresses her to either dye her hair or stop making her wear pink, she genuinely looks like a stick of candy floss.

Kelly’s LA slang is going over the top now – ‘you did great momma’ just doesn’t sound right on British TV. Shh, Kelly.

Misha B’s performance was introduced with a tug at the heart-strings, showing footage of her and Kelly crying over some kind of family problems. With the chance of sounding like a heartless cow, I’m not watching the Jeremy Kyle show – putting such a personal thing on The X-Factor seems like nothing more than a plea for more attention and votes to be honest. Maybe it’s just me…

Singing Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’ from The Bodyguard, her performance was better than last week.

The footage before Little Mix’s performance showed them meeting The Saturdays, who said ‘looking at them the way they are now is just like we were when we started’. Not much hope then.

Their performance of En Vogue’s ‘Don’t Let Go’ was really good, maybe the most exciting act left in the programme, alongside Amelia Lily. Marcus followed with ‘Higher and Higher’ by Jackie Wilson – and was also good.

As for tomorrow’s episode, the most enticing reason to watch it is to see Rihanna, as I don’t think there’s going to be much more on show.

The Result

This week the public got rid of one of the two scousers of the competition, Craig Colton, in the first deadlock the competition has seen this series.

The group performance had a surprise guest this week, with Bryan Adams coming to join the contestants in their version of ‘When You’re Gone’. When asked after the performance, he admitted his favourite is Amelia – not that this helped her to avoid the bottom two tonight.

Backstage the producers popped up with another surprise celebrity guest, as David Walliams was filmed speaking to Louis. I don’t know if it’s Louis’ old age affecting him, but he seems to be losing it a bit, mistaking the name of Little Mix for ‘Little Risk’ and ‘Little Muffins’ when asked about his predictions. Bless.

Rebecca Ferguson’s performance of her new single ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ proved that last year’s X-Factor had a lot more talent than this year’s, not just the fact that she’s a great singer, but she co-wrote her album. If she were in this year’s competition, she would most definitely be in the running to win.

Rihanna performed her single ‘We Found Love’, wearing something a little less risqué than last year, no doubt following the copious amounts of complaints the show received. Even so, she no doubt had Dermot and half of the men drooling in there after her performance.

With Craig and Amelia against each other during the sing – off, I’m sure plenty of viewers were wondering why on earth Janet was saved once again. Craig’s performance of ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ was followed by Amelia Lily’s ‘You and I’.

Gary’s criticism of Amelia that she ‘shouted her way through the song’ was obviously a tactic plan, as he tried to persuade the other judges to vote her out. However, Kelly and Louis both voting to get Craig out whilst Gary and Tulisa’s votes to get Amelia out resulted in dead lock, and after the most dramatic build up to it that the show could create, Craig was voted out.

Only five contestants left now, it’s definitely proving harder to predict who’s going to go. However, surely the public must see how terrible Janet is and stop wasting their money voting for her.


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