TV Review: Young Apprentice: Episode 1

At the age of 16, many of us were fixated with getting our first taste of alcohol and chasing around members of the opposite sex.  Yet there now appears to be a breed of teenager who has set up their own business and spends their spare time reading the Financial Times.

A collection of these teenagers makes up this year’s Junior Apprentice.   The show’s concept is the same as the senior version and involves Lord Sugar setting tasks in order to test the teenager’s business abilities as they battle it out for a £25,000 prize.

Just like the senior version, the same proclamations of unquestionable genius flow from the mouths of each contestant; with a particular highlight coming from James McCullagh, who provides the invaluable insight that “Money doesn’t buy happiness but neither does poverty.”

The contestants’ first task was to create a brand of ice cream to be sold at a zoo and beach. The girls, competing under the name Kinetic, order too much stock and have to charge unfortunate customers £3.20 for one scoop of ice cream in order to make profit.

Elsewhere, the boys, now christened Atomic, made their way to the beach with their product.  The decision to offer a cheap price proved to be popular yet unprofitable. To try and save the day, Mahamed Awale, who looks exactly like a teenage version of Kanye West, chose to intimidate and bully potential customers into buying ice cream by literally pushing them to the stall.

Unfortunately his provocative approach proves to be unsuccessful and he receives his marching orders from Lord Sugar, not before he has to endure Lord Sugar’s traditionally cheesy proclamation of authority; this week’s being “Even though this was a task about ice cream, you’re going to find out that I’m no Mr Softie.”

In short, the debut episode contained all the hallmarks of a vintage episode of The Apprentice such as the incessant bickering between contestants and my personal highlight, the looks of perplexity that appear on the face of Nick Hewer.  Although it will take several episodes to decide which contestant we should despise the most, we should all be grateful to have such an entertaining show back on our screens.


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