Young Apprentice: Episode 5

Another week on Young Apprentice saw Lord Sugar’s young business hopefuls sweat it out in another tough task.  This week’s challenge was to create a new brand of deodorant and film an advert to sell it, and with Harry M finally assigned as project manager, it was inevitable that sparks would fly.

Straight from the off, Harry M’s ideas for the project, ironically stunk and his adamancy to target the female market with brand names such as ‘Sweat Doctor’ received little praise from his other three exhausted teammates.  Nevertheless, Harry failed to recognise discontent of his teammates and proceeded with a female deodorant aptly named, Vanity.

Elsewhere, the other team led by Zara, targeted the boys market with a deodorant that can be used in the gym, office and club.  All seemed well within the group until market research revealed a much-needed change in the direction of the advertisement.  In turn, this dismayed Zara who had already planned a detailed advertisement which seemed more suited to demonstrating that she will one day become the female Lars von Trier as opposed to directing an advert for a product to stop men smelling.

In the boardroom, the result was inevitable and Harry M found himself in the boardroom for what must be the fourth time in a row; an occurrence that is now becoming so common that he should have his own seat in there with his name on it.  Anyway, he lived to fight another day as Gbemi, and her poor design skills, were shown the finger of fate.

Although Harry was severely at fault for the failure of the task, the cynic inside me thinks that Lord Sugar was also considering the show’s TV ratings when deciding who should receive the chop.  Cynicism aside, a show without Harry would be relentlessly dull as some of the contestants carry as much personality as bran flakes.  Although his business skills can be called into question, his contribution to the entertainment value of the show is invaluable and deserving of a prize of some sort, although whether it’s the prize of the Young Apprentice is something remains to be seen.


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