Dr Aleida Guevara speaks to Forge TV

Published July 26, 2015 | In


Dr Aleida Guevara, an experienced paediatrician and daughter of the famous Che Guevara, speaks to Forge TV about education being a right, lessons for the NHS, and why she thinks British journalists aren’t telling Cuba’s story.

Dr Guevara delivered a hugely popular talk in Sheffield on the topic of Cuban medical internationalism, especially in light of the current Ebola crisis.

0:05 Is education a right or a privilege?
4:23 Any lessons for the NHS?
8:06 Apart from the US embargo, what’s Cuba’s biggest challenge?
9:27 Cuban tourism
12:08 Cubans working with Americans in West Africa
12:26 Will Cuba’s work against Ebola improve its global image?
13:18 Why isn’t the UK press telling Cuba’s story?
17:46 Gender equality in Cuba

Interviewer – Olivia Wills
Producer – Joshua Hackett

Released in partnership with the Forge Press features team.

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