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So here we are, on the eve of a new academic year.

The Forge TV committee have been exceptionally busy over the summer break, putting together new plans to make the 2015/16 year our best yet. We’re knuckling down to offer;

  1. More varied training opportunities: We’ll be offering the usual basic training workshops to new members, but we’ll also start to supplement this with advanced workshops on lighting, sound and special editing skills. And since making videos is our strength, we’ll be offering online video resources for members to refer back to.
  2. Higher quality videos: We’ve invested in a pile of new equipment over the summer break: new lenses for our DSLR workhorses, new microphones that will make capturing good sound in a variety of situations extremely simple, etc. Along with training, members will be in a position to make the best looking, best-sounding videos ever.
  3. More live content: Your head of entertainment, Tom, and I, have been putting together plans for a fresh new fortnightly live show, bringing together the best stuff that’s been happening on campus into one glossy package. We’re calling it The Current, and we’re very excited to share.

So if you’re coming to Sheffield in September, and want an ideal place to learn new skills and widen your social circle, look us up at the activities fair! You’ll be glad you did.

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