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Dear members,

Welcome to our new and improved Forge website! Our new layout will make it easier to navigate through our video archive, keep up to date with new releases and give you all the chance to see behind the scenes through our blog.

Calling all aspiring presenters, filmmakers, producers and directors – join us! It is so easy to get involved with Forge TV. There is no fee or signed membership, simply join our members group on Facebook and you can keep up to date with all the opportunities throughout the year.
There is no experience needed, you learn it all on the job. That’s the great thing about Forge, it gives you the skills and experience to apply for jobs in the real world, without needing a qualification! It’s a CV builder as well as a place to make friends.

You can join our teams in Sport, Entertainment, Music, Feature & Documentary, News and Design & Animation. To find the right person to contact, see our “Meet the Team” page or email our support team at joinforgetv@forgetoday.com

I hope to see you in the Media Hub soon!

Best wishes,

(Station Manager)

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