Budget dating in Sheffield

So here you are, left to organise a wonderfully romantic day with your better half. Under strict instructions, you’ve been told that another “romantic, sex-athon Saturday isn’t my idea of romance” so this day needs to be wonderful. Fantastic.

So with very little of your student budget left (due to an unfortunate incident involving The Harley and after-IC drinks), you set off with the task of creating a super-date. Where to start?

Option One:

One option is to treat your date to a wonderful day in the Peak District – it really is rather inspiring – and there are various little villages within half an hour of Sheffield that you could visit. The small village of Edale marks the official start of the Pennine Way, is only 30 minutes on the train and most importantly will only set you back £5 each, with a railcard.

Once there, show off your powers of navigation by subtly trailing other people (i.e. turn left out of the train station) and follow the road up to a pub called The Old Nag’s Head. There is another pub, but the Nag’s Head serves fantastic food, great beers and ciders, as well as having a cosy, less commercial feel.

As soon as you’re sufficiently strengthened by a swift drink, continue along the same road past the Nag’s Head until you see a small path leading off downhill to the right. Don’t continue straight on, you end up in someone’s front garden and the situation can get a bit awkward.

Once you have crossed the bridge and clambered up the steps you have two choices. Either take the leisurely left-hand route and prevent your date from seeing the red, sweaty mess you become when faced with exercise; or follow the right-hand path up the hill and try to top Running Roger, which is fantastic if you feel super fit and want to show that fact off (or fancy the challenge, for some crazy reason).

The whole date shouldn’t cost your more than £30, and it will certainly be memorable. However, if you feel that rambling around the Peak District isn’t really your thing then there are still plenty of options within the city boundaries.

Option Two:

The Winter Gardens always have an exhibition on and it’s generally free to go in and have a wander round. So why not take a leisurely walk through before treating your date to a Patisserie Valerie’s delicacy and settling down in the Town Hall gardens to munch on your cake and enjoy the sunshine. The whole date should only cost you about £15, and the transport costs a mere £2 – deal.

Finally, if museums are not thrilling enough and the thought of exertion make your knees tremble, then why not exploit the fact that summer is soon to be upon us.

Option Three:

Make up a lovely picnic of strawberries and cocktail weenies, with maybe a couple of bottles of Rekorderlig, and skip down to Western Park for a romantic day in the sun. Take a blanket and some speakers, and lay out your feast.

Maybe even bring a book of poetry to complete the sweeping romantic gesture, and settle down for a lovely afternoon of coupley goodness. You could even take a frisbee or rugby ball for light afternoon activities, and show off your athletic prowess.

The saving grace with this option is that if, for some unforeseen, completely unplanned reason it rains on your chosen day then you have two emergency exits. One, take a stroll around the wonderful Western Bank Museum, which is free of charge; or two, take the feast back home and lay it out on your bed for a faux-picnic.

Maybe that sex-athon is back on the cards – after all, it’s the thought that counts.


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