Is bigger better?

Every now and again us girls love to have a cheeky gossip about our latest sexual encounter. However, lads there is no need to worry, the first thing we reveal is not how big or small they were but instead it is how good it was.

Phrases such as ‘bigger is better’ are not always true, trust us, ‘big’ is sometimes painful and not pleasurable. There are other aspects to sex that are far more important than size.

Good technique or at least the willingness to learn, is a sure way of making any girl happy in the bedroom. Mix things up and try new positions; this will project confidence and prove you have a mischievous side. Don’t be afraid to get it wrong. If a girl isn’t feeling your moves, trust us, they’ll let you know.

Regardless of size, trying new things will show her you are paying attention and most of all that you’re enjoying it. Plus, it is bound to shake things up and liven up your bedtime routine.

Another way to overcome any size anxiety is to do your homework. There are numerous positions out there and some even claim to make you seem bigger. If you give these a go, your lover will not realise you have hidden motives.

Make yourself feel more confident about your package and I doubt she will complain. At the end of the day she is having sex with you for a reason. It’s highly unlikely that she finds you unattractive…

Another way to beat the issue, is by spending quality time giving and receiving foreplay. There’s no better way to get a girl off, than by showing her you are attentive and that you want her to enjoy herself. Spend plenty of time down there and get foreplay mastered.

But most importantly, don’t be afraid to talk about it.

Finally guys, if your size really does bother you and you worry you just aren’t going to be good enough then…stop worrying. When a girl agrees to have sex with you, they are probably more worried about how they look or whether their makeup will smudge overnight. Your girl will not just be thinking about the size of your package, so relax and enjoy yourself. Putting her at ease and paying her compliments will not only put a smile on her face but it will just make her want to have sex with you more.

Sex is meant to be fun, so quit worrying and enjoy the moment. Just remember you are good enough and no matter what size you are…that’s not all that counts.


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