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Varsity 2016: Men’s Badminton 1s: Uni 5-3 Hallam

The University of Sheffield Badminton Men’s 1 did not let the pressure of potentially sealing a Varsity point affect them at all as they managed a 5-3 to win a point against Sheffield Hallam. Unfortunately for them, the women’s hockey confirmed Sheffield’s win halfway before through the Men’s Badminton event.

Ollie Cohen won his first singles match quite comfortably, 21-1, 21-6. Cohen prevailed in the second singles match although he faced a tougher battle than in the first, eventually winning 21-19, 21-14. He was by far the best singles player on the court. Kalana De Silva, the other singles players for Sheffield, only managed to win one of his matches.

The doubles teams won three of their four matches. Victor Yuan and Jin Chunlok won one of their two matches,both closely fought contests. On the other hand, Matt Olney and Freddie Matthers were in fine form and won both their doubles matches for Sheffield giving them a 5-3 victory. They played the last match for the day and tension was palpable at Goodwin Sports Centre. Hallam needed to win that match to get half a point but Matthers and Olney kept their nerve to win the match and the point for University of Sheffield.


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