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Varsity 2016: Men’s Badminton 2s: Uni 6-2 Hallam

The University of Sheffield Men’s Badminton 2s convincingly won their Varsity point in a brilliant display at Goodwin.

The Sheffield team won the contest 6-2 overall after eight matches between the six players on either team.

Yi Yang and Anuj Savani won both of their singles matches to propel their team to victory over a strong Hallam side.

Meanwhile the two doubles pairs, Shannon Chen and Sam Sin, and Ivan Tan and Jerrico Yeo, both won one of their matches to secure a 6-2 win for the University of Sheffield.

Yang, Sheffield’s first-seeded singles player, won both of his matches convincingly, not dropping a single game in both of his 2-0 wins.

Yang played dominantly and was the one to seal the Varsity point for Sheffield by winning his second singles match.

Savani also played exquisitely, winning his first game in dramatic style against the first-seeded Hallam player, taking the match 2-1.

He also went onto take his second match 2-0 after a sensational comeback in the first game.

Chen and Sin dominated their first match, winning both games by some margin.

However, in their second match they lost as it went to a deciding game and the Hallam pair just edged it.

Tan and Yeo played well together and were fluidly interchanging positions in mesmerising fashion but were beaten by a very strong Hallam partnership.

They scored Sheffield’s sixth point by beating their opposite seeds 2-0, their teamwork helping them over the Hallam pair.

The Men’s Badminton 2s won a point that helped the University of Sheffield to edge closer to the Varsity title.

After a successful Varsity for his team, Anuj Savani told Forge Sport: “This is an exhibition of the best Badminton and sportsmanship that Sheffield has to offer.”

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