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Varsity 2016: Netball 1s: Uni 42-36 Hallam

With Hallam 2-1 up after winning both the 2s and 3s games there was a lot of pressure on the Sheffield 1s to even the score.

An already nervy situation was made worse from a Sheffield perspective as Hallam took the lead within the first 10 seconds and made it 2-0 within the first 2 minutes. Fortunately however this was the only time in the game in which Hallam had a 2 point lead, as Sheffield recovered strongly to even the score at 4-4 after only 7 minutes thanks to 4 clinical shots from Lena McGuffie-Newnham.

Throughout the first quarter Sheffield defended strongly, goal defence Yasmin Vines and goalkeeper Liz Bailey made the height difference count and restricted Hallam’s opportunities. By the end of the first quarter Sheffield had an 11-6 lead thanks to a couple of late goals from Charlotte Bayes.

Sheffield continued the start of the second quarter in much the same manner as they ended the first, making it 12-8 after only 2 minutes. However after this, Hallam seemed to gain some momentum, reducing the deficit to just 3 points with the score at 13-10 to Sheffield, despite the composure of McGuffie-Newnham in front of the basket.

Overall a closer quarter in terms of goals produced much more open and even play, this kept the Sheffield lead to just 5 points, 22-17 to Sheffield at half time. Hallam started the second half well cutting the lead to just 3 points before Sheffield could reply.

However luckily this was short lived and 5 minutes in Sheffield had restored a lead thanks to McGuffie-Newnham who was comfortably Sheffield’s highest scorer. Lots of late goals in the quickest passage of action in the game made it 33-26 to Sheffield going into the final quarter.

An early exchange of goals from both sides made it 37-30 to Sheffield with just 10 minutes left on the clock. Great defending again from Vines and Bailey in the final 10 minutes denied Hallam many shooting opportunities and ensuring Sheffield ended up with a resounding victory of 42 against Hallam’s 36.

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