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Varsity 2016: Tennis Men’s 2: Uni 4-0 Hallam

The University of Sheffield Women’s 1s sauntered to a 4-0 victory against Sheffield Hallam to seal the Varsity point with consummate ease.
Sheffield flew out of the blocks early on, with the opening goal scored by Amelia Milton in the sixth minute. Minutes after the goal, there was a short corner given to the Sheffield after foot contact with the ball, but it ultimately they failed to take advantage. Milton then swooped in, attempting a strong and powerful shot which was unfortunately blocked by an instinctive stop by the Hallam keeper.

Tension was building among rather vocal fans of both sides after three penalty corners were awarded to Hallam in quick succession, yet none resulted in a goal. A  fairly exciting and fast first half ended with the score still 1-0.

Almost immediately after the teams returned to the pitch, Sarah Bazley-Harrison extended Uni’s lead with a composed finish, bringing the score to a more comfortable 2-0. Sharp intakes of breath were heard minutes later as Hallam’s Amy Palmer took a shot and narrowly missed.

The noise of the crowd grew once again as Milton, who scored earlier, was given a green card after a foul. Hallam’s attack fought back as they sought a way back into the game, but the Sheffield defence held them off well.

Alice Williams then silenced the Hallam crowd and scored for Sheffield, furthering the lead to 3-0. The, in the closing moments of the match, a last minute goal brought the score to 4-0 to a dominant Sheffield.

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