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Photos: Hugh Dickinson

Varsity 2016: Uni take it inside to win Winter Varsity

The University of Sheffield took a 3-2 lead in Varsity overall as the Ski and Snowboard clubs took 1.5 varsity points between them after a three month wait.
Originally due to be contested in Tignes in the French Alps, Winter Varsity moved to the less glamourous Xscape Snozone in Castleford which nonetheless endeared itself as the Winter events were concluded a day before the summer ones officially begin.

After a qualifying session, the judges decided on the best skiers and snowboarders to represent the two universities based on style and difficulty.
When the competitors went for their two final runs, the results went as expected. Hallam Men’s Snowboarder Callum Patton cruised to victory in style performing a 270 on to the box and a 360 off the last kicker, before upping the latter on his second run to an impressive 540.

The two Women’s events also went with expectations as the first skier to attempt the slope, Nicole Bramley, won for Sheffield, finishing the last kicker with a backside 180. She was not to be outdone by her Snowboarding counterpart Emma Scott who was the only one in her discipline to attempt the tougher rail at the start of her run rather than the A-frame box. She followed this up with a frontside boardslide with a 180 off before a frontside 180 on the final kicker.

The most hotly contested event was the Men’s Skiing Freestyle, and there were impressive runs from Hallam’s Lewis Pamphilon, who couldn’t quite land either of his attempted 540s, and Will Johnson who landed a 360 on his first run. This was technically more difficult than Byron Haywood-Alexander’s spectacular frontside inverted roll, but the trick impressed the judges and his victory ensured Sheffield won Winter Varsity by 2.5-1.5.

Ski Captain Marcus Haywood-Alexander was pleased with how the event went and with the efforts from both sides, telling Forge Sport that although the event was forced indoors and had a simpler set up, the standards were still pushed to the limit.

Full results:
First Placed Competitor Takes 0.5 of a point.
Men’s Freestyle Skiing:
1. Byron Haywood-Alexander (Sheffield)
2. Will Johnson (Hallam)
3. Lewis Pamphilon (Hallam)
4. Liam Keyes (Sheffield)

Women’s Freestyle Skiing:
1. Nicole Bramley (Sheffield)
2. Alex Greesby (Hallam)
3. Claire McGregor (Sheffield)
4. Sophie Barrett (Sheffield)

Men’s Freestyle Snowboarding:
1. Callum Patton (Hallam)
2. Oli Duncan (Hallam)
3. Alex Kennedy (Sheffield)
4. Miguel Wong (Sheffield)

Women’s Freestyle Snowboarding:
1. Emma Scott (Sheffield)
2. Flo Brookes (Sheffield)
3. Aliss Curtis (Hallam)
4. Sarah Bunting (Sheffield)

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