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Varsity 2016: Women’s Badminton: Uni 0-8 Hallam

The Women’s Badminton 1s were beaten 8-0 in a comprehensive win by a Sheffield  Hallam side who were almost perfect all throughout the contest.

Hallam won all eight games against Sheffield who could not match Hallam’s play consistently.

Sheffield’s Abi Millis and Jess Wan were beaten in all four of their singles matches against Sophie Brealey and Chloe Sidwell from Sheffield Hallam.

Meanwhile, the two doubles pairs from Sheffield, Steph Benson and Ellie Martell, and Rebecca King and Lucy Bradley, were also beaten in their four matches against the Hallam double partnerships.

Rebecca King said after the game: “It is a big challenge but we enjoy coming together as a team to try to get a result.”

King and Bradley both put in amazing performances in their two doubles matches. They played some great shots and had beautiful teamwork but they could not overcome the Hallam pairs, losing 2-1 and 2-0 in two close matches.

However, Benson and Martell had tough matches against the Hallam doubles pairs, losing both matches 2-0.

Millis struggled in her matches to maintain a positive outlook despite playing some excellent shots.

Furthermore, Wan also found it hard to get into the game due to the high quality of play from Hallam.

Hallam’s singles players, Sidwell and Brealey, were ferocious and used their athleticism and brilliant arsenal of shots to overpower Sheffield’s top two female singles players.

Ellie Martell told Forge Sport: “I have the best team in the world. We love how Varsity brings the University together. The support today was amazing.”

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