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Varsity 2016: Women’s Hockey 2s: Uni 0-1 Hallam

Please note that since the time of publication, the Varsity Steering Group met due to a complaint of Hallam first team players appearing in this match. The decision was to remove the point from Sheffield Hallam University and award it to the University of Sheffield.

Womens Hockey 2s slumped to a 1-0 defeat despite a stunning display from goalkeeper Victoria Macdonald.

Hallam could not find a way past Uni and it took an own goal from Maddie Wilkins to determine the victor in a closely contested match.

Uni started the game the stronger of the two sides, winning themselves two penalty corners in the first 10 minutes of the game.

It looked as if Uni had opened the scoring in just the 5th minute of the match but the referee disallowed the goal, ruling that Claudia James had shot from just outside the 16 yard area.

However, it would be Hallam that took the lead in the 22nd minute of the first half after a penalty corner pinged around the area and eventually deflected off Maddie Wilkins into the back of the net.

Hallam finished the half stronger, clearly gaining momentum from going ahead, and could have widened the deficit had it not been for some brilliant goalkeeping by Macdonald, particularly just before the break when she made a string of saves despite another Hallam goal looking inevitable.

Macdonald continued her strong performance in the second half, where Uni looked the more likely of the two to score, as they pushed for an equaliser.

James had the best chance of the game for Uni in the 54th minute when she was put through on goal, but her eventual shot was weak and easily knocked away by the keeper.

Hallam were far more quiet in the second half but threatened on occasion, particularly in the 59th minute when they won themselves a penalty corner which Uni just about knocked away.


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