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Photos: Joseph Satchell

Varsity 2016: Women’s Volleyball: Uni 0-3 Hallam

vw2University of Sheffield Volleyball Women’s 1’s suffered a disappointing defeat at EIS day, losing three sets to love. The scoreline however does not give the players the credit they deserve.

They started the first set the slower of the two teams, with Hallam quicker to ball, sharper on the block and more accurate with the spike. With the score at 16-5 Sheffield called a time out, but the players failed to muster any momentum until it was too late. With the score at 24-10 Sheffield strung together four points but a foul serve gave Hallam the 1st set 25-14. 

The 2nd set started in a more even fashion, with both sides stopping their opponent getting on a point scoring run, at 10-10 the set was well in the balance. But when the Hallam side got ahead they asserted their dominance once again, taking the score to 20-15 through a combination of unforced errors in the set up and aggressive net play. The home side efficiently closed out the second set from there to take it 25-16 and a two set to love lead.

Sheffield were in front for a first part of the 3rd set, but Hallam did not let themselves be put under too much pressure as they pegged Sheffield back to 10-10 from being down 6-3. Play then stopped for an injury as Sheffield’s Christina Venslavovitch landed awkwardly and required medical assistance, she appeared to be in considerable pain. This appeared to disrupt the Sheffield players who had been competing tightly in the set, they conceded five quick points and a time out was called at 16-12 to Hallam. After some words from the coach they focused again and the score moved to 19-16, but once again a loose serve broke their momentum and Hallam began to close the game out. Hallam won the final set 25-19.

After the match Forge Sport caught up with the Sheffield captain who despite the result was extremely proud of her team for their all round performance, saying the match had been her favourite of the season with a great atmosphere on and off the pitch for both sides. 


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