Ahead of the game both Uni and Hallam felt confident, despite Uni being a division above Hallam it could go either way. Speaking to the Hallam captain Ollie Jones before the game he said, ‘my team is looking good, despite an unfortunate cup run, going out in the 3rd round, we’re looking sharp, and on good form.’

Uni start off with a strong kick but a Hallam fumble allows Uni of to recover it and after some quick turn overs Uni break free and take the ball to within yards of the try line, but Hallam foul giving Uni a penalty kick. They score! Uni of move ahead bringing to score to 3-0.

Unfortunately, after a tough series of breaks, Hallam 1 and Uni 8 got yellow cards for fighting causing a scrum which Uni of win and kick it away.

Despite Hallam starting the ruck Uni of manage to get it from the back of the Hallam scrum and at the 15 minute mark Uni score a try as Uni of force a maul back over the Hallam line and manage to convert it making the score 9-0 to Uni.

As the half progresses Uni of seem to bring more physicality constantly pushing scrums back toward Hallam territory. Despite this Hallam break free with some nice passing onto the wings pulling Uni of out of position, unfortunately the break is cut short just in front of the Uni of try line, as a fumbled pass leads Uni to regain the ball when half time is called.

As Hallam kick it deep into Uni’s half to begin the second half the black and golds Roddy Lane goes down with an ankle injury but manages to recover and plays on as Hallam recovers a Uni pass deep their half making a break stopped by an offside. They go for a penalty kick and score taking them within a try of Uni’s score 3-9 to the Black and Golds.

Hallam tried once again to convert their drives into points but lose the scrums managing to recover 2 failed passes, despite this Uni manage to recover and force Hallam back and force a maul over the try line with number 7 Huw Evans scoring. Unfortunately, the conversion fails leaving the score at 13-3.

Sheffield’s offence doesn’t relent after that try and they nearly score again before a knock on gives Hallam a penalty kick.

Speaking to the Sheffield Captain, Dan Mcdonagh, after the game he said, ‘It was a hard win, it was our line-outs that made and with them it helped our drives.’ He also pointed out number 8 Ben Martin as his stand out player of the match saying he played extremely well and helped lead the team to victory in his plays. The Hallam captain also said ‘it was close, both sides did extremely well, unfortunately we made some clinical errors which ultimately cost us the match’


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