The University of Sheffield and Team Hallam battled out a dramatic 8-8 draw in the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee 1s Varsity game at Hallam Sports Park.

Hallam started the quicker of the two teams, asserting their dominance early as they raced out to a 2-1 lead in the heat.

That all changed once Laurence Russell of the Black and Golds latched on to a long pass into the end-zone to tie the score at 2-2.

Hallam didn’t let Uni of’s fight back deter them however, and they recovered well to take the lead once again after penning the opposition back into their end-zone.

Even though Hallam had regained the lead, with Taoyee Lai latching onto a pass from George Lockhart Wright, Uni of capitalised on a good defensive showing to take eventually take the lead through Danny Webb to complete a comeback.

It was short lived as Hallam drew the score back yet again.

Hallam used the momentum from that point and almost edged in front, albeit for Sam Higginbotham to perform a last ditch interception to deny them the lead.

Despite their best efforts Uni couldn’t keep Hallam from scoring for long as they raced out to a 6-4 advantage before Taoyee Lai pulled one one back for Uni of before Laurence Russell tied the game yet again at 6-6.

Uni of almost regained the advantage when Chris Lamb was fingertips away from connecting with a long pass, and Hallam were ruthless as they capitalised on the mistake to go 8-6 up.

There was more defensive close shaves in testing conditions, with the Black and Gold’s George Lockhart Wright dropping the frisbee twice in the end-zone.

It didn’t matter though as Uni of scored two in the closing minutes through Danny Webb and Rob Wright to cap a remarkable match, with both sides claiming half a point.

Photo credit: Adam Richmond


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