Coming out raring Uni start strong and after a nice return force a maul over the Hallam line to score a quick try by number 1 Nick Jones. The conversion by number 20 Jamie Prickett is successful taking the score to 7-0.

Hallam respond quickly, nearly managing it before a scrum is called. They maintain possession and with some fancy footwork Matt Shannon-Little manages to score although the conversion fails 7-5 to Uni of.

In the first 15 minutes Hallam seem a lot more physical pushing Uni of back in the scrums although the Black and Golds seem to have the line-outs in hand using some nice rotation trickery to ensure the ball is always in their hands. Using these they try push into the Hallam half but can’t convert until 2 minutes later when another maul is shoved across the Hallam line, once again by number 1 Nick Jones. The score is now 14-5 as the conversion slices between the uprights.

As Hallam in burgundy try to push back, Uni of recover, but  poor kick off pitch ensures that the ball stays deep in the black and gold territory. This doesn’t achieve much though as no gains are made and Uni of recover the ball trying to break from the defence. It doesn’t work as number 16 slips over trying to advance the ball allowing Hallam to retrieve the ball.

After half time Uni of still look strong keeping the ball in the Burgundy territory, but as they run forward a missed pass by 15, Daniel Carruthers, stops the run just short of what should arguably have been an easy try for the black and golds.

Uni of don’t relent though and force a penalty from Hallam scoring a penalty kick by number 20, bringing the score to 17-5.

Just a few minutes later the ball is returned to the Hallam side and behind the goal line as number 19, Jack Williams scores for Uni to take the score to 24-5 after a couple of setbacks.

It starts to fall apart midway through the second half as Hallam kick the ball into a Uni of player who receives it and surges past the Hallam defence for another try. 31-5 Uni

Contact above the shoulder is the call against Hallam, though no card is shown. Uni of get a penalty kick quickly returned to Uni of, although a few minutes later this is repeated as Uni of breaks away taking it to the 10m line before being shoved out of bounds. Sheffield retain the ball for this and after a short maul force it back against the Hallam lines for another try by number 6 Thomas Bacon. Unfortunately, this time the conversion falls short. 34-5 Uni

It quickly gets worse for Hallam as another try comes thundering through from number 13-Joe Marshall, the conversion is good, ending the game at 40-5 to Uni.

Speaking to the Uni of captain afterwards he said: ‘It was a good game, although we struggled a lot in defence in the first half but once we got the first try in the second half we stepped up to another level.

‘I’m ecstatic to win this event, and a very well done to my team, possibly our best performance of the season’


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