The University of Sheffield Women’s 2s ran out to an unfortunate defeat against a Hallam side in a close encounter at Hallam Sports Park.

The University of Sheffield, who have never won this fixture, put up a good fight against a strong Hallam side but after going a goal down in the first half struggled to find that illusive equalizer.

Fortune favoured the Hallam team with Uni of hitting both the post and the bar in the search for the equaliser.  Megan Bracewell made a few good saves in the second half and Cerys O’Boyle looked strong in the centre back position, encapsulating the dogged performance by the University of Sheffield team.

Katie Crooks, Uni of captain, said: ‘We lost but I came of feeling like we’ve won to be honest. We’ve never won a women’s football point in Varsity and it has never been that close. Even some of their team were saying that we should have won.

‘They’re a league above us so we’ve done really well to match them today. We asked for a 100% and that’s exactly what we gave but we definitely think we can win this one next year.’

Photo credit: Harry Fender


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