University of Sheffield have made Varsity history by securing a 5-2 victory in the mixed ice hockey 2’s – the first ice hockey win for the black and gold’s since Varsity began.
Expectations were high for the Hallam squad but the pressure became too much in the end, with Uni of’s Botond Kerekgyarto proving to be too skilful, scoring three of the five goals.
Hallam had the stronger start, with captain Joe Barras leading his team in the push towards the black and gold’s end of the rink.
Josh May from Hallam provided the first strong test against Uni of with a shot on goal, but it was blocked by goal-tender John Egginton.
He was then penalised for unsportsmanlike conduct for spraying Egginton with ice.
Hallam secured the first goal in the 12th minute, scored by Adam Carratt, assisted by Luke Wilson and Nathanial Bell, who broke through the Uni of players to then be backed up by his fellow teammates.
It didn’t take long for the black and gold army to respond, with Max Beaumont scoring an unassisted goal a few minutes later.
Not long after, whilst fumbling around the Hallam goal, Kerekgyarto secured his first of three, assisted by Adam Sutherland-Waite at 16 minutes 52 seconds.
Hallam began to pile on the pressure, with multiple shots on target, but it wasn’t until the 17th minute that Lewis Teather scored with an assist from captain Barras, bringing the score level as the buzzer went to close the first period.
The second period saw a steady start for both teams, but Kerekgyarto was hungry for more, ploughing down the rink to score his second goal, assisted by Callum Steventon, setting the score at 3-2 to Uni of.
Hallam were pushing at the Uni of goal, with the black and gold’s supporters bashing the barriers every time Egginton pulled off a save.
With three minutes to go, Uni of secured their fourth by Ben Freestone, assisted by Beaumont and Dominic Gray.
Hallam’s fate was sealed when Kerekgyarto secured his hat-trick with 36 seconds of play remaining.
The game had plenty of penalties and was end to end throughout, with neither team having an overall majority of the game, which made for an exciting feat.


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