The University of Sheffield Men’s 1s Dodgeball team, the Sheffield Arrows, beat The Dodgefathers, of Hallam, comfortably by a margin of 30-4.

Both teams squared off at Goodwin sports centre on Sunday 22, with both teams looking to claim the first ever dodgeball point in Varsity’s history.

It was The University of Sheffield who took the lead from the beginning, after immediately hitting out all of Hallam’s players. Luke Hampson and Neil Crafer of Hallam did well to try and keep Hallam in the game, but eventually succumbed to a barrage of shots from Uni of, making the score 2-0.

After the first game, Uni of didn’t look back, immediately winning the next six games on the trot to make it 14-0. The highlight for Uni of Sheffield during this onslaught was from the only fresher in the game, Brennan O’Reagan. His catch against Martyn Westsmith turned the tide of the game and really extended Uni of’s lead.

Hallam’s saving grace came from Neil Crafer, who was consistently the last man in for Hallam against a full-strength Uni of side. However, luck wasn’t on his side as two failed catches from him in two games meant more points for Uni of.

Hallam’s first win came late in the last game before half time, when Tibble PJ Smith and Neil Crafer combined well to pick off all the Uni of players, showing their energy in a very lacklustre side.

In the second half, Uni of began as they started, winning the first two games. Once again Neil Crafer was the last man alive for Hallam after easy eliminations on Harvey Moores and Martyn Westsmith, however Uni of knocked his confidence by landing a full speed headshot on Neil to bring the scores to 18-2.

Harvey Moores of Hallam redeemed himself after his poor showing in the last game, with an impressive triple catch. His last catch came in the last seconds against Uni of’s Dan Tomlinson and then he immediately threw out another player to give Hallam their second win to make the score 18-4.

After that, Uni of really pumped up the gas and stormed Hallam, winning six games unanswered. Sol Campbell of Hallam almost turned the tide of the game but just missed a catch by his fingertips, leaving Neil Crafer to again face off against six Uni of players, and lose.

The points then started flying in for Uni of, and at full time they were crowned the first ever Varsity dodgeball champions, winning 30-4.

Uni of captain Lewis Diggins said: “We won by quite a good margin, so we’re all happy as ever really.

“We normally play Hallam in our league so we knew their team, but when we all woke up this morning, everyone got the nerves, so yeah it’s definitely a step up from our normal league.

“We’ve got quite a few international players now, sadly I graduate this year but I’m sure we’re definitely gonna get more and more class players in the years to come.”

Meanwhile Hallam’s captain, Sol Campbell, said: “In terms of last Varsity [when it wasn’t worth a point], we didn’t even win a point against them, so this time we’ve obviously shown we’ve improved, we know what we’re doing now and then we can improve on next year.

“Man of the match for us today was Harvey Moores. That triple catch that won that game was great, but everyone played really well and catches were made. I think togetherness was the main thing, everyone fought together.

“Next season we’re going to play them again, we’ve got some new freshers coming in this season and a lot of people are playing for the first time, we can only improve from now. We’ll take it one step at a time.”

After the game, supporters from Uni of and Hallam joined the teams in a final large match of dodgeball just for fun.



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