The University of Sheffield’s men’s dodgeball team retained their Varsity point over Sheffield Hallam in the second ever dodgeball event in a 22-4 victory. Uni of stormed the first half, winning the first six games and taking a 12-0 lead. Having set the tone for the game they then went on to take 10 points from the second half to see out the game out as 22-4 winners.


It could be said that teamwork won the game, as a coordinated effort between Finlay Britnell Craven and James Bateman to eliminate Harvey Moores helped the Black and Gold win their first points of the day. The pair, assisted by impressive play from Elliot Webb and Brennan O’Reagan, went on to win six of the seven games played in the first period.


A hint of controversy surrounded Hallam’s first points of the day that were taken on the brink of half time as a slight delay ensued in which the referees questioned whether the final throw of the half had been before or after the whistle. In the end, the points were awarded – bringing out a hugely enthusiastic cheer from the numerous Hallam supporters.


The second half continued as the game had begun, with the University of Sheffield winning two more games on the bounce. Hallam took another two points midway through the second period, holding on to a numerical advantage and seeing out the game well with some effective dodging.


With the scores at 18-4, some fantastic play from Hallam saw them avoid a five-man attack while the Black and Gold were in possession of all the balls. Bateman’s impressive jumping throw in the second-to-last game was a real highlight as he eliminated Hallam’s Robert Parry.


Uni of Captain Nina Scholey said after the game: “Our men are the second best in the country. They’ve played together for a really long time – a lot of it comes down to experience.”


On standout player Finlay Britnell Craven, she added: “I’ve seen him play even better than that, which says a lot.”


Hallam’s stand-in captain, Sol Campbell, said: “The standout factor was ability – today they were better than us.


“We’ve had a lot of injuries recently which is a real shame, but I don’t think this will impact us too much for the season and we’ll be strong going forward.”



Image: Sheffield Varsity Comms


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