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Athletics & Goodwin Weekend

Team Hallam triumph in trampolining

The Varsity point for trampolining went to Team Hallam, taking the overall score at the end of today to 24.5 - 16.5.

Hallam claim double triathlon points

Team Hallam recorded both Varsity points on offer in the triathlon, taking the tally to 24.5-15.5 in favour of the University of Sheffield.

Uni of sail to 5-0 victory

The University of Sheffield’s sailing team recorded a 5-0 victory over Team Hallam today.

Men’s Lacrosse 1s: Uni of 11-1 Hallam

Uni of have notched another point in this years varsity, beating Hallam 11-1 in the Lacrosse Men’s 1s. More to follow...

Lacrosse Men’s 2s: Uni 9-1 Hallam

Uni of have beaten Hallam 9-1 in the Lacrosse Men’s 2s. More to Follow...

Women’s Hockey 4s: Uni of 5-0 Hallam

The University of Sheffield have triumphed 5-0 in the Women’s hockey 4s. More to follow....

Women’s Hockey 3s: Hallam 1-1 Uni of

The Varsity point was shared in the Women’s Hockey 3s after the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam drew 1-1 in a hard-fought encounter...