The big question being asked at the centre of Netflix’s marketing efforts for season four of Bojack Horseman is: Where’s Bojack (pictured, below)? We only capture a brief glimpse of him at the end of the trailer and he remains missing throughout the first episode. Despite his absence, there’s no horsing around from the characters of Hollywoo, as they show how they don’t rely on him and set up immersive story arcs for the season.
The mystery of where Bojack may be, is not rooted solely in geography but also emotionally. When we leave him at the end of season three he is at rock bottom, contemplating ending his life despite being an Oscar winning actor with seemingly everything anyone could want in life. Without his familiar surroundings, Bojack finds himself in uncharted territory for the show: his family history.

Most of Bojack’s interactions with other characters happens via phone calls which allows their story arcs to develop to the point where you forget about the main character. Whilst these stories are entertaining and help develop the characters they lack what Bojack’s story arc has. That yearning to return to him is a powerful element throughout the season and may explain why episodes involving secondary characters almost feel like stand alone episodes and not part of the main series narrative.

“Bojack is the main driver of the story.”

There’s lots of crossover between supporting characters but not so much with Bojack, who is the main driver of the story as he grows and develops as a character across the series like we’ve never seen before. Mr Peanutbutter running for Governor is about as political as the show gets and is an entertaining sub-plot that ties together much of the supporting cast across the series; at the same time as incorporating millennial’s love for avocado, fracking and a bridge to Hawaii into a refreshing and transitional year of growth for the show.
If for some absurd reason you don’t have it already you need to sign up for Netflix purely to binge-watch the hell out of this show. The endless clever jokes, references and spoofs that it does so effortlessly leave you picking out something unique each time you watch. For a show set in a universe dominated by animals and their variation on celebrities, it’s one of the most powerfully human shows out there right now.


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