The University of Sheffield Women’s Netball 1s thrashed York St John University 1s 62-28 in an exhilarating match.

Both teams put up a strong performance in the first quarter, scoring back-to-back goals in the first few minutes of the game. In the midst of the nail-biting first quarter, the Black and Gold found a breakthrough and lead the game 12-6.

In the second quarter, Sheffield continued their spectacular performance with the girls scoring four consecutive goals in the opening of the second quarter, and York St John found it impossible to break the streak.

York St John struggled to find the breakthrough they needed in the second quarter while their opponents remained consistent with their attacks and went into the break with a 25-12 lead.

The speed and team dynamic from Sheffield made them unstoppable in the third quarter of the match, grabbing a 44-23 lead in the third quarter.

In the final quarter of the game, Sheffield added extra pressure to York St John by showcasing terrific gameplay with non-stop goals. With strong attacks and accurate shooting, it was tough for York St John Uni to defend and stop the goals from coming.

The University of Sheffield sealed the win with a score line of 62-28 after an exciting match, leading their captain, Chloe Gregory, to say: “The highlight is getting everyone on core and all the different combinations.

“It’s really nice getting everyone on core, everyone on their position as well and obviously the win. We won by more than half.”


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