Women’s Officer Celeste Jones’ #SheShouldRun campaign has been hailed a success, with an increase in women running for both President and SU Development Officer this year.
Celeste said: “#SheShouldRun has been a huge success with so many amazing women running for SU Officer roles, in particular for SU President and Development Officer. The campaign aimed to empower women to run for leadership roles… it has definitely succeeded in that aim.”
Shelby Storey, Lilian Jones and Kerry Miller are all standing for President, alongside Elliott O’Rourke, Theo Routh and Andrew Baker. Gabriel Bailey also announced a candidacy for President, however as of 16 February he has stood down.
The #SheShouldRun campaign was launched in order to encourage more self-identifying women to stand for the positions of President and Students’ Union Development officer.
This came after just one woman stood for the position of President the last three elections, with the stakes being dominated by male candidates.
For more information about all the candidates, check out the Candidate Guide for the details on who they are and how to vote.
Physical campaigning starts 10am Monday 19 February.
Voting begins 10am Monday 26 February, concluding 5pm Thursday 1 March. Any student can vote, it’s as easy as login, pick, submit at sheffieldsu.com/vote.
Join Forge for our full election coverage online at forgetoday.com/elections and look out for our special results issue, out Friday 2 March.


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