The Students Union’s International Students’ Committee, together with the International Students Officer, Santhana Gopalakrishnan, are once again organising the nationally acclaimed 46th International Cultural Evening on the 10th of March 2018.
Over the years, the event has become a prominent annual celebration, open to members of the public as well as students from Sheffield Universities.
This year, the Students Union will be celebrating 50 years of the International Students Committee, with the theme “Our Place in the World”, with Professor Sir Keith Burnett, the President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield as the guest of honour.
Sir Keith Burnett has been an avid advocate for the rights of international students together with the International Students Officer, campaigning for changes in immigration policies such as removal of international students from the net migration figures, and to bring back post-study work visas.

The cultural evening has proven popular within and beyond the university over the years

The evening aims to showcase a range of talents from national and cultural student societies through performance arts such as dances, music and plays, whilst reminiscing about the accomplishments of the committee throughout the years. The night of culture promises to be the biggest event of the Committee’s calendar.
Throughout the years, the committee puts internationalisation in the heart of every project or campaign, a group of student volunteers investing hundreds of hours to ensure the voices of international students are heard through celebration of events and campaigns.
The achievements of the committee includes campaigning to establish the post of a full time International Students Officer in 1990, lobbying MPs to support international students, the launch of “Education, not Migration” campaign to challenge the Government’s immigration policies, and a driving force of the #WeAreInternational campaign in the SU.
Audience members are encouraged to attend in national or cultural dress to further celebrate the diversity on offer.
International Cultural Evening will be held on Saturday 10th March 2018. Doors open at 6.30pm. Tickets can be bought online here or at the Box Office for £5 (with an NUS card) or £6 (Public) in advance.


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