Welcome back to your daily round-up of the election news, during the Officer Elections at Sheffield Students’ Union.
Snow day at the office
We’re into the second day of voting in the elections, but with the snow settling on Sheffield, coupled with the second week of strike action, there isn’t much footfall around the SU, despite the candidates’ best efforts to get people’s votes.
Remember though, you can vote at home, on the SU website.
Officers out to get you voting
Two of the current Students’ Union officers – Kieran Maxwell and Celeste Jones – have appeared on the SU Facebook page today, encouraging you to “exercise your democratic right” and vote before everything closes at 5PM on Thursday evening.
At the time of writing, more than 15,600 votes have been cast by 3,600 people, for a turnout of 11.34%.
Rallying cry
Monday saw the annual soapbox, as candidates gather in the Students’ Union plaza and try to get you to vote for them with the aid of a megaphone.
30 candidates turned up for the event, elaborating on their manifestos and trying to gain some votes. For President: Lilian Jones, Kerry Miller, Elliott O’Rourke and Shelby Storey. For Activities: Cecilia Hudson-Molinaro, Luke Hawtin, Inez Lau and Zunair Imtiaz. For International Students’: Tebby Maritim, Roxanne Bechu, Roopika Ravikanna and Abhinav Kongari. For SU Development: Mel Kee, Andrew Tyler, Georgia Clark and Emily Banks. For Education: George Bunn and Anna Crump Raiswell. For Welfare: Mollie Badmos, Gracie Marlow, Katharine Swindells and Cian O’Herlihy. For Sports: Sarah Dewhirst, Saskia Marriott, Sarah Morse, Hope Williams and Gemma Upton. For Women’s: Jessie McGuiness, Mayeda Tayebb and Mel Acquah.
You can re-watch the livestream of the rally on the Students’ Union Facebook page. Although frankly, I think I should be given the President role after writing down all those names.
Elliott gets with the times
President candidate and fourth-year Elliott O’Rourke has been illustrating how hip and cool he is by using memes to win votes. On his Instagram page, he has posted a meme that shows how clever it is to vote for him.

How do you do, fellow kids?
There’s only two more days of voting left, so check back here tomorrow for even more news as you decide who to vote for.


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