Sheffield Students’ Union will have an all-female Officer team, after Anna Crump Raiswell was elected as the Education Officer.
Anna won by over 500 votes more than George Bunn in second-place, winning in the second round, getting 2,167 votes to their 1,603.
Through tears, Anna said: “Thank you so much to everyone who’s voted for me.”
“Education needs to be at the forefront of anything we do at the Union and I want to work with the other Officers to do that.”
Talking about the all-female team, she said: “I am all about that all-women Officers team.
“I’m so pleased. We are making history even if it’s just the SU. It sends out such a good message into society. I think we can do amazing job. I’m so proud of us.
She ran on a platform of improving accessibility to the University, as well as increasing the number of women studying STEM subjects. Anna also says she will lobby the Government for the reintroduction of maintenance grants.
Anna said: “The first thing I’m going to do when I take office is continue Stu’s fight against the marketisation of our higher education and build on his legacy.”
The result was announced a day after the other seven positions, due to a breach of election regulations by Amber Xinwen Zhang, and her votes could not be counted.
She is appealing the decision but the Returning Officers say they are satisfied that even if her appeal is successful it will not change the result. Celeste Jones, one of the Returning Officers, called for people to avoid rumours and to respect Amber’s privacy.
Anna said: “Thank you to the Returning Officers for sorting this out and allowing this to happen.”
Anna completes the first-ever all-female Officers team, after Lilian Jones was elected as President, Mel Kee as SU Development, Katharine Swindells for Welfare, Cecilia Hudson-Molinaro for Activities, Mayeda Tayyab as Women’s, Sarah Morse for Sport, Roxanne Bechu for International.


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