Tamil Society have won first place at the acclaimed 46th International Cultural Evening.
Thousands of University of Sheffield students and members of the public gathered for International Cultural Evening 2018 to celebrate cultural diversity in the city.
On Saturday 10 March the Students’ Union’s International Students Committee, together with national and cultural societies and special guest performers, held the event in the Sheffield City Hall to celebrate the Committee’s fiftieth anniversary.
BUILD UP TO THE NIGHT: Committee reflects on 50 years of campaigning ahead of International Cultural Evening
The Tamil Society’s winning piece involved narrating the history of the Tamil culture in India and other parts of Asia with a dance.

Accompanied by impressive multimedia and visual effects, the dances, music and plays performed represented the variety of cultures existing together in the University environment and the city of Sheffield and celebrated the ISC’s accomplishments over the years.

Beyond borders

Professor Gill Valentine, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University, said at the event: “The University of Sheffield has always been proud of its international students, proud to say that we are international. We must work together as talent does not restrict itself to national borders.”
Participants in the International Cultural Evening included the Indian Society, who were awarded second place for their dances, which took the audience on a visual tour through various Indian regions.

Tamil Society was awarded ‘Best Performance’ for the night (picture: University of Sheffield)

Before the winners were announced, the Committee members were welcomed on the stage accompanied by the song ‘We are the World’ by USA for Africa. The participants, all wearing cultural dress, entered the audience hall, waving the flags of their countries and singing.
The International Students Committee has run and supported many SU campaigns during the years, including #WeAreInternational.


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