Few could have predicted the unusual trajectory that Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero’s careers would chart following the initial release of their magnum opus, 2003’s The Room. Widely regarded as the best bad movie of all time, the troubled production of the bizarre dramedy was the topic of last year’s awards contender The Disaster Artist starring James Franco.
Hot off the buzz from that flick, Wiseau and Sestero have collaborated on a new feature together titled Best F(r)iends which continues to play up their unlikely friendship. Sestero plays a drifter who is taken in by an eccentric mortician (Wiseau) and the pair begin working on a mysterious business partnership. Early reviews for the movie have been mixed, but fans of The Room will surely want to check it out to see how it measures up for themselves – and Film Unit are offering the perfect opportunity to do so.
On Sunday May 6th, Film Unit are hosting a double bill of The Room and Best F(r)iends in the SU’s Nelson Mandela Auditorium. If that wasn’t enticing enough, there will also be a live Q&A session with star Greg Sestero which should provide a fascinating insight into the secrets of both movies! This is a rare and exciting opportunity to talk to an actor with perhaps the most unique career path in Hollywood, which film fans in Sheffield would be crazy to miss!
Tickets are £10 and available from the SU box office or their website in advance of the event which starts at 10pm on Sunday evening.


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