The A Cappella and Beatbox Society hosted their annual summer showcase on Friday 11 May and once again treated the audience to a series of knockout performances.
This year the society drafted in Karam Deo as the event’s MC; offering a hilarious commentary alongside his introduction of the night’s acts. The night was supporting the charity Coppafeel and, besides raising spirits, raised £150 for the charity.
Held in the Students’ Union’s Foundry, with well over a hundred attendees, the event showcased how popular a following A Cappella has.
No complaints could be made of the night’s running order, with it offering a wide variety of genres and music from different decades. With song choices used to showcase their various vocal ranges, it was clear just how much time the different groups had put in to fine-tuning their performance. Having the venue mostly in the dark, besides some colourful stage lighting, really emphasised their performances and allowed the audience to focus on enjoying the music.
Notably, the male quartet gave a fresh take on club classics Ignition by R Kelly and Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me. Reworking the songs and giving them a barbershop spin had the audience on their feet, and I for one would love to hear more from them.
The society ended the night on a fan favourite: a Moana medley. A Disney classic is always a safe choice, however a more widely-known medley could have been chosen. As the summer showcase came to a close, there was a warm feeling all around as the society took their final bow. If given the chance, you should definitely go and watch the A Cappella and Beatbox Society. And, if you’re feeling bold, why not join them?
Photo by Ruth Porter


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