The BME Committee has launched a campaign in collaboration with the Students’ Union called ‘Take Racism Seriously’.
It aims to tackle racism in the University through improved reporting mechanisms, education and by lobbying for change at a University level.
This comes after the University were criticised for their slow response to an incident at the Varsity ice hockey match in March.
Students can now email to make the SU aware of any incidents they experience or see on campus.
Hajira Liaquat, the Chair of the BME Committee, said the campaign comes “from a place of urgency.”
Hajira expands: “BME students continuously face racism on campus and this must stop. This campaign has been possible due to the students who have shared their experiences of racism and challenged the University’s response to racism.
“We are aware that sometimes calling out racism is incredibly difficult, and so this campaign hopes to make it easier for BME students to report incidents of racial discrimination.”
A joint SU and University group has also been set up in order to help tackle racism on campus, with its first meeting on 14 June.


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