After teasing fans for the better part of a year, in a hype cycle that was as bold as it was nauseating, Manchester pop rock band The 1975 finally dropped a new single this week. ‘Give Yourself a Try’ is the first release from the band’s upcoming third album A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships.
The last half a decade has seen the quartet transition from indie darlings to arena sell out professionals with an army of often worryingly dedicated fans to boot. However, in many ways this first taste of where the band is going is a huge middle finger to the legion of screaming tween fans The 1975 earnt from the release of their last record.  
This drops the synth-pop and new wave elements of the preposterously titled, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It, in favour of a looped screeching guitar riff and taking more than a little inspiration from ‘Disorder’ by Joy Division. This is a sound that many of the band’s most loyal fan base will be unwelcomingly surprised by, but it’s a return to the guitar driven sound of the band’s earlier work.
Lyrically, lead singer Matt Healy doesn’t give his adoring young female fanbase much to work with either. The song reflects on getting older “you learn a couple things when you get to my age” and musing over what it takes to be content “the only apparatus required for happiness is your pain and f***ing going outside”. The tribute to a fan who took her own life in the second verse is a nice touch, though slightly out of place within the song.
While the track has several clever lines “like context in a modern debate I just took it out” it’s the chorus that is most disappointing. Consisting of merely the songs title repeated four times, it’ll probably serve as a fun opener for their upcoming 2019 tour but gets repetitive after a few listens.
Overall ‘Give Yourself A Try’ is a strong introduction to a new era for The 1975, even if the lengthy social media teases up to its release created an unfulfillable sense of expectation. The track may perhaps lose the band some new followers but is likely to regain a few lapsed fans.
4 stars
Image by Batiste Safont


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