Sobriquet are fast becoming one of the biggest bands on Sheffield’s music scene and for no small reason. Seven months on from their sold-out show at Corporation for the release of their EP Akeldama, they travelled to Café Totem, supported by Havelocke and Not For Long, to celebrate the release of their latest single.
As is typical of any post-hardcore band, they thrive on heavy bass, lead singer Ludo screaming into the microphone and getting the crowd involved into what ended up being an intimate experience of a show.
They like to get in and amongst the punters throughout, which is what bassist Michael Chilton and guitarist Tom Green-Morgan did, especially in songs like ‘Golgotha’ and ‘Birds of Prey. The interaction with the crowd, who were already brimming with energy, made them even more keen on the task at hand – namely, moshing themselves into the ground.
The traditional Sobriquet sound is coupled with softer touches such as ‘Eros’ and ‘Auto De Fe, as well as ‘What Have You Done To Me, a self-described “sad-happy song”. The crowd was rocking for it, especially as Michael  got on the shoulders of Tom Aitchinson, fresh from smashing his support set with Not For Long.
They kept the crowd waiting for the much-anticipated ‘Birds of Prey’, waiting until the last song to unleash their new sound. It was well worth the wait. As soon as the band began playing the biggest mosh pit of the night started – not the most technical of measurements, but a good indicator nonetheless – and got the crowd rocking at just the right moment. Their new tune is a good sound, and surely must be a mainstay in future sets for the band.
It was a smaller venue than usual for Sobriquet but you could argue that helped the intensity of the whole thing. The crowd loved how close the band was, and they once again proved their credentials as one of Sheffield’s best upcoming bands. Bigger and better things are on their way.
4 stars

Image credit: Sobriquet band.


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