The 25th edition of Sheffield Doc/Fest is currently taking place (7 to 12 June). Screen Editors Gethin Morgan and Izzy Cridland are covering the entire festival, bringing you Doc/Fest diaries every evening.
Day 4:
We’re past the halfway point of Doc/Fest 2018 and I’m starting to get sad that it’ll all be over pretty soon.
Last night was a ball as I watched the energetic, very funny Shirkers, followed by an equally funny Q&A with director Sandi Tan and a mesmerizing live music performance from Singapore vocal-looper Weish.
I was fortunate enough to have a couple of excellent interviews today. I had great chats with Jon Kasbe and Bernadett Tuza-Ritter, who directed When Lambs Become Lions and A Woman Captured respectively. Coincidentally they’re my two favourite films of the festival so far, so it was a real pleasure talking in detail with the minds behind them. Expect to see them online in the coming days.
Next up I popped in to see Lost Warrior, a heartbreaking tale of the Somali man unable to return to the UK to see his family. It shows again at the Showroom tomorrow at 7.30pm.
After that was a slight shift in tone with For The Birds, a really touching film about a woman who adores birds and keeps over 100 ducks, chickens, geese and turkeys. Sadly, for all her love, she doesn’t keep them in a healthy condition and the birds need to be taken away to a sanctuary. It’s interesting to see so much conflict when all of it is driven by love. It screens again at 12.15pm in the Showroom on Tuesday.
To see out the evening I could be seeing one of a number of films, including the number zero. That’s because they are all currently sold out. However, there is a good chance I could see one by joining a standby queue for spare seats. Fingers crossed…
Other than that, another successful day of Doc/Fest is complete. We’ve got another exciting two days ahead to try and squeeze in as much as we possibly can before it all inevitably ends too soon. And on that slightly bleak note, I’ll see you all tomorrow.


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