Animesh Anand spoke to the lead singer, Rob Coles, of Newcastle indie-rock trio Little Comets.
How did you guys meet?
Me and Micky, the guitarist, we’re brothers and Matt used to just pop his head into the room where we rehearsed. We didn’t have a bass player, but we wanted to borrow one of his guitars so in return we asked him if he wanted to play bass, which is strange because he was a guitarist. We used to play with a drummer called Mark, but he left a few years ago when he got married. Nathan is our drummer now and Matt Saxon is one of our touring members. But really, me and Micky do all the studio work and writing which works quite well.
This isn’t your first time at Tramlines, is it?
Yeah, that’s right, this will be the third different location now as well! We played when it was in the middle of the city, and then we played a couple of years ago when it was in a field in the middle of nowhere, and now obviously Hillsborough so it’s been all over the city! We played a secret gig the night before our first time as well at the Frog and Parrot and Catfish and the Bottlemen played before us! One of the most amazing gigs we’ve ever done because we had no expectations for it and it was a nightmare venue, but we were amazed by the atmosphere!
How does it feel seeing the festival evolve into what it’s become today?
It’s lovely, always love playing Sheffield. When we started we played Sheffield quite a bit because we knew somebody from here who used to sort out gigs for us – house parties or old venues like The Grapes and then The Boardwalk – but yeah, it’s just a fantastic festival to play!
What is it about Sheffield that keeps bringing you back? What’s your favourite thing about the city?
My dad’s family are from Sheffield, we’ve made quite a few friends over the years, quite a few familiar faces at the gigs. It’s kind of like a Newcastle gig in that sense, always got familiar faces there, like a homecoming gig.
Are you excited to be back for Tramlines?
Oh yeah! Especially the weather, should be cracking! My little boy’s gonna come so I think we’ll just see what’s playing and chill out, enjoy a few of the bands and then head home.
With your recent singles, ‘M62’ and ‘The Punk is in the Detail’ taking your sound into a different direction from your older music, which are you looking forward to playing more?
I think naturally we like playing the new ones because it’s the current stuff we’ve been
writing and we’re kind of naturally closer to it. We always tend to play a good mixture of new and old because it’s exciting to see people’s reactions!
You’ve said in the past that some of your lyrics come from a dark place, how come?
The thing is, because I’m not very good at having a conversation about what I’m passionate about, I lose my train of thought and I get overcome by emotions. When I have a limited amount of syllables to express myself in I find that I have to use it as an outlet in that sense. It’s kind of cathartic writing a song;  it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


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